The easy way to unlock your device from iCloud lock

Updated: September 9, 2017

If you have an iCloud issue on your apple device you know you’re in big trouble in getting your information back. And this is very critical because of smart devices nowadays are considered as an extension of who we are. And this is not just exclusive to your iPhone but to the whole Apple products in general.

Why does it happen? If your passwords are always spot on, it just means that there is a security threat to your account (like someone accessing your account from another location the same time as you do or just far away way away from where you are security threat kind of thing).

Not an easy process: If this happens the process is never easy and it’s frustrating trying to fix that. If you don’t recover it’s the end of your device and most people just does some durability test on their apple device (and this is where all the fun begins), they scratch it, they shoot it, they microwave, it ran it over, and they drop a hot molten metal liquid over it. Drop it 20-90 feet high or just throw the damn thing in the water and just call it quits. Sell it for parts and make it a dummy device to hack the OS to unlock it.


The problems don’t end there: Because if it’s not a technical (hardware) problem you’re on your own, and not to mention that Apple doesn’t really have any plans in making their security more friendly to people that got locked out. They could have made the verification process easy and not get locked out not that too impossible, it’s just brutal.

Apple security: Why Apple makes it hard? It’s what Apple is really easy to use and secure, back in the day when they were still selling iMacs no one can open it, they have this exclusive screws that you can’t buy anywhere else because they are obsessed with exclusivity and security. Security is as important as the device itself for them, some like it while some don’t.

iCloud unlock:If you got your life ruined because you got locked out, you don’t have to throw your device away, sell it for parts and do a durability test to give you more likes on YouTube (although that would be cool) you have to think about all the things that are on your device. What options do you have? Two words, Doulci Activators. This program will help you unlock your device with ease.

Made by the amazing guys at, who made it their life to crack almost any OS out there and find various solutions to make things easier and they are not the first. Remember the iPhone 7? No headphone jack, who made the ingenious way to possibly have the charging and 3mm jack possible to use in one port all at the same time? A 3rd party. If you are concerned about security you don’t have to because these guys will never ask for your personal details and they don’t even charge for their service. Is it too good to be true right? But you got to believe it. Give it a try and you will say goodbye to that iCloud issue for good.