Best 5Crm Apps to help you run your business

Updated: September 11, 2017

As business grows, therecomes a time when the volume of work increases equivalently to thenumbers of customers. These can be testing times indeed, but fortunately crm apps can help a great deal. Overall, crm products are responsible for organising, unifying and managing data across all channels of business running. This alone can help company managers take faster and more accurate decisions, increasing profitability and improving customer relationships as well as acquire new customers via lead campaigns. (

Undoubtedly, crmtools that can make this happen for you and your company. They save time so company staff can channel their energy into what really matters – the growth of your business.

What makes a good crm app?

Firstly, you need it to cover a good chunk of you business with its unique and easy-to-use features. Secondly, it must integrate-friendly to external software – making it a multi-functional gem to which you can turn to no matter what. And lastly, a good app is one that gets positive feedback and is recognised by the business community.

Based on these criteria, here are the five best crm apps currently on offer online:

  • Bmp’online


Bpm’online is an award-winningcrm app ( which integrates three vital tiers of any company: sales, marketing and customer service. The software’s powerful sales feature automates processes from start to finish and records information about completed deals so service can be improved further. This, and its marketing automation system, allows for a more personalised approach to customers which in turn increase sales.


  • Marketing automation tools including lead management, email marketing, campaign automation, event management, and analytics
  • Sales automation system which enables employees and management to oversee the complete process of sales. The feature includes a variety of analytic tools which help with forecasting and planning of future sales.
  • Customer Service automation – a unified channel of communication, case management, knowledge base, contact management and powerful analytics.
  • Hubspot CRM

Basically, Hubspot CRM is free, but you would have to pay $200 a month if you wish to add their marketing plug-in into the package. On its own, the software provides a comprehensive contact management system and a visible and proactive sales pipeline. Automate bulk emails, view fully auto-updated customer information and use advanced analytical tools to make better decisions for your business and save time.


  • Set criteria for leads and set up automated emails to be sent to those who fit the frame
  • Gather all the information your sales team needs to personalise their pitch
  • Set up notifications to let you know when a customer reads an email or downloads an attachment
  • Podio

The developers of Podioclaim thecrmsystem is light enough as to not to require any training of employees. It is packed with tools which ensure lead and existing customer information is visibly stored and distributed to all the company players. A rich customisation options make Podio ideal for sorting out and following through on key sales projects.


  • Stack information on a single platform making it easily accessible to the team – from status of contact to history of communication and follow-up notes
  • Integrated communication forum across all channels so employees can easily exchange information about chosen projects
  • Report generation and analysis tools
  • Tidy interface
  • Capsule

Another crm product that allows for the creation and analysis of a sales pipeline is Capsule. The program also provides a number automation options to help improve relationships with other businesses and customers. Data of contacts can easily be distributed among users increasing productivity and saving time deciding on a course of action.


  • Share customer or business partner contact information with colleagues to ensure better decision making
  • Comprehensive view of bids, deals and proposals
  • Contact management system allowing for integration of new accounts from e-mail, Outlook, Google spreadsheets and any .CSV file
  • User-friendly customisation and notification system
  • SaleforceIQ

This paid crm software automates, organises and deepens the way companies relate to their business partners and customers. SaleforceIQ ( is specifically aimed at the sales tier of businesses. It has little quirks such as: if the email to a lead or customer hasn’t been responded in a while, it sends a suggestion to the user, and if accepted, the software creates a task.


  • Shared and unified address-book to help company staff reach better decisions via collaboration
  • Data science surfaces insights into customer relationships
  • Notifications system which allows employees to organise their contacts
  • Integration with other software – email, live chat, Microsoft Excel, ectetera
  • Supplementary contact sources which enrich customer information accounts