IBM Cloud – Innovation at its best!

Updated: July 10, 2018

Cloud hosting operates across different web servers which are interconnected. It is the process of outsourcing a company’s storage and computing resources to a service provider, that provides infrastructure services. The cloud hosting has known to be the latest form of hosting which has gained popularity over the past few years.

The IBM cloud network is spread across 19 countries in 6 continents. The IBM cloud is built to suit the needs for its users, by offering them the choice to make decisions of where and how data and workloads should run.

Every IBM cloud data centre consists of one or more pods which support thousand of servers. They provide optimal space, network, power and infrastructure across locations.

IBM cloud advantages

  1. They are focused towards enterprise innovations.
  2. The Cloud helpsthe company by gathering its data, thereby applying latest integration models and connect you to the data that is required.
  3. It helps infuse cognitive throughout your organization, by providing you the insights, that could never be accessed and now being available to help you in your decision making.

IBM cloud specialists continuously strive to develop and deliver solutions with speed. They ensure to make the best use of the cloud, by making use of the newest tools and methods developed, using their experience and best practices.

Benefits of cloud computing

  1. They provide flexibility: Users can access cloud computing services from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection. They can customize the IBM cloud hosting applications and use the services from the cloud that fit their need.In short, they provide the enterprises with good storage offerings, scalability, security, level of control and varied tools.
  2. They add strategic value: Cloud services gives a competitive edge to the companies, by offering them with the best innovative technologies available. They provide regular updates, help streamline the work, best collaborative access worldwide and provide a competitive edge to enterprises.
  3. Regardless of the underlying maintenance or infrastructure costs, the enterprise users can market their applications quickly. In a nutshell, they provide enterprises with good accessibility to cloud-based applications. They offer data security by maintaining network backups. They help organizations use remote resources by saving on the cost on servers and equipment.

IBM Cloud Storage

IBM cloud object storage pricing provides highly scalable cloud storage, which is designed for high durability and security. IBM cloud storage family, helps you stay ahead of the rapid storage growth by driving new data sources and with the ever evolving technologies.

The Resiliency choices IBM cloud provides:

Cross region – Data is readily accessible with highest ease of use. It is stored across three regions within a geographic sphere.

Regional – Data is stored in various data centre facilities within a geographic sphere for high ease of use.

Single Data Centre- Within a single data centre, multiple devices data storage is done to take off the local access and data locality.