5 Important Factors to consider before buying Body Contouring Devices

Updated: July 16, 2018
5 Important Factors to consider before buying Body Contouring Devices.

The Right Way to Select Latest Innovative Devices

With the advent of non-surgical body contouring treatments, the demand for body contouring devices are increasing, many customers are increasingly turning towards these alternatives that offer amazing results with no downtime and minimal or no health risks. There are many factors to think carefully before making an investment in capital devices to assure it is best for your needs, and provides a good business model. We have highlighted here five factors which will guide in your decision making process.


The most important factor of body contouring devices is Machine’s wavelength that has to focus carefully. It is responsible for overall machine strength. A low wavelength and higher frequency is very beneficial. A high wavelength and lower frequency is not as beneficial and does not give optimum results. The Contour light produces up to 100 times more light energy than competing systems in the body contouring market, at the 635 nm wavelength. The fat cells bathed in the highest level of 635 nm energy, providing the highest amount of light to penetrate into the adipose tissue effectively. This results in the incineration of body fat.

Body Contouring Devices

Potency and Strength

Selection of good quality body contouring devices depends on how much power it generates. Some device uses 6 watts while some may use more than 46 watts. The device, which utilizes more watts, is less productive whereas the device with fewer watts shows more productivity. You can log on to https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/contour-light-key-strengths to get more details.


While selecting the appropriate body contouring devices, we should think about the mobility of device. Because of the configuration of the body contouring devices done such a way that they are more mobile than others are. A wide variety of brands is available in the body contouring market. Some are lightweight and small while others are large and bulky. Some models have wheels attached to make movement of the device easy. Some devices have disassembled properties, which can be packed and carried. There are devices that are not easy to disassemble and therefore show no movement.

Maintenance Costs

Body Contouring devices sustain no consumable costs as only a small amount of special gel is needed for lubrication of the treatment area. This device simply enhances customer ease of use and comfort level.  It does not require additional costly consumables such as return electrode, single- use treatment tips that affects the cost of treatment.

Heat Management

Regular temperature checks using a laser-guided thermometer supplied with the body contouring devices assures that correct degree of temperature kept at a comfortably warm level (39-42) degree Celsius.