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Updated: May 30, 2017

Do you know that it is highly difficult to comprehend or find as how much amount of content is produced within an hour? There are more than 3 million numbers of blog posts that get published every day. Thereis large number of sites at present which updates the content thousand numbers of times in single day. This sounds really crazy. Well, creating this content don’t even sound cheap even as the Business 2 business marketers spends more time, resources, and times on the content than ever which includes as and go to website to find more,

  • 35 per cent of the business have documented content strategy
  • 42 per cent of the business publish the new content at least weekly
  • 55 per cent of the business will even increase content marketing spend in coming years

The content is spending and increasing, the traditional marketers around struggle with shift from the outbound marketing to the inbound marketing. If you are the one who has ever asked about the content marketing as does it really works or not, then you should go to website to find all these things that why it is so important. It is not easier to go from the 300 organic visits per month for more than 9000 number of organic visit per month. It is not in luck even and it even took two years of the hard fought battles which fails with certain content or succeeding with the experimental content.

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It is also because most of the content strategies begin with the session of brainstorming for generating the ideas as what to write on. These content team research at first, writes and then publish for moving on to next piece of the content. It starts with the following as,

  • Understanding the audience: before you start off the content, you must understand as whomcurrent customer is, who is the potential customer and who can find these content useful enough. Most of the companies around create the customer profiles. The buyer persona is the term which is used for creating the personas based on customer types which this business has or wants.
  • Map content to sales cycle: as the marketer, one needs to create the content for meeting the need of the prospects at every stage for helping them in moving on to next stage to funnel. The content can also be tailored for appealing for different prospects and even at the different stages.
  • Create best content: awareness is one factor which must be kept in mind and the content creation should be done such which can help in increasing the brand awareness. At such stage, buyers might have also not heard of the brand and content which you want to create that must be focused on promoting the brand.
  • Evaluation: create the content for increasing number of the leads for qualifying the marketing.

Go through all of these features today and enjoy the successful content marketing.