As Technology Changes, Do You?

Updated: May 29, 2017

The Internet is flooded with articles on the pace of rapid evolution of technology. If we take a look at how technology has impacted our lives ten years ago, we see a very different picture than today. In still returning a little more than twenty years, it seems almost incredible what we have advanced in a short space of time with our hunger for latest Technology.

So what is the speed of change?

One thing is certain that the degree or rate of change is accelerating. This indicates that a major detrimental change that occurred over a period of ten years could occur over a period of five years or earlier. In 2010, Gartner predicts that the cloud, cloud / Web Platforms, and Media Tablet were 5 to 10 years of widespread adoption. In just three years, I think we are there. 3D printing has been positioned as a period of more than 10 years until the general adoption, and we are already seeing great progress and acceptance of this technology.

The reason for the acceleration of technological development is probably twofold. First, we have a global industry continues to grow and diversify. Forbes puts technology jobs as one of the fastest growing sectors, driven primarily by large data volumes, cloud computing and the growing interest in molecular computing. The second reason is the rapid change in consumer demand. Consumers are hungry for faster, lighter battery life, more mobility, more functions, etc., lead to pressure from software and hardware manufacturers to continuously innovate. So while these two market forces persist, my advice is to fasten seat belts and prepare for a great trip.

Bio 3D printing

What should we expect? Gartner positions Bio 3D printing, human increase, mobile robots and quantum computing vision is 10 years. Now we know that we can probably expect these processing technologies much earlier.

The question is, “How do you prepare for the hunger for latest Technology that affect your life? An important decision to make is what your consumption profile? Are you one of the first, or will you wait on the sidelines for See if a technology is worthy of your time and effort to invest the energy? Leave it face to face, change in technology requires energy and re-learn. From something as simple as buying a new cell phone, work the latest Business Tools Intelligence, you have the brain.

For me the answer is simple. If you intend to be in the IT industry or want to make sure that you benefit from the latest technology, you need to commit to taking the time to learn and relearn. You must remember to forget what you have learned that there are 5 years. This technology is evolving. In order for you to remain relevant in this market, it is necessary to consider your knowledge as a damaged asset. Unless you are continuously adding new knowledge and skills, you are going on vacation, just like last year’s cell phone model in a retail store.

Continue to make the investment in the most valuable asset you have, yourself.

Go ahead, create your life.