Web application User Interface for best web application member’s experience

Updated: May 17, 2017

You can own a web application and provide more facilities to your website members so that they have more to do on your website and day to day administration automation. You can check your membership statistics, renewals, recent signups and registrations. You can review the information on member dashboard. You can easily customize you member’s database with the available information. You can customize fields and do private admin configuration for member access and update. You can display this online on member’s directory. Membership Software SquareSpace will offer you many more features.

You can use membership levels to group your members and also segment your members into folders. You can retrieve the required information about any of the member group and also e-mail them as a group. You can search your group members by their name, keyword and custom fields. You can also email the whole group from the search results. We will provide you a very useful feature that is the Timeline using which you can find history of each member like their payment details, donations, events and many more. You can easily integrate your billing and event system. You can track your family members of an organization with easy steps. . Membership Software SquareSpace offers signup facility for your website members and also provides all popular payment methods from the website in easy steps. You can customize application templates to setup multiple form tabs, questions and custom fields. You can hide some sections of the application form according to the level of members. Website members can sign in using their e-mail address. Members can update their account information, directory listing and renewal payments of membership.


You can setup multiple administrators and provide them different level of access. You can restrict the desired members from accessing some required folders. You can create read only folders, dashboard restrictions, donations, events and messages. MembershipWorks assured your data safety and data accessibility. MembershipWorks replicates your data to three different servers for your data safety in case of any server failure. The servers have 24/7 hours availability for mission critical system hosting. We will provide best in class response time in order to maximize the productivity and customer conversation rates. We will provide data protection under secured layer and firewall.

You can use the web application as it is very simple to use this application and you can operate this application without any special training. You can also find some online videos in order to have some basic knowledge about the web application. The designing of event system can convert your website into event attendees. You can browse the event calendar by scrolling which is a very simple process. In case you want instant preview of an event you can do it by just hover over an event. You can use this feature to find an event with just few clicks. Your website visitors can view, register and pay for an event on your website page. The checkout process is very simple with a quick and single step experience.