Web application testing services for error for usage

Updated: May 17, 2017

A web application is a computer system that users use by accessing a web server, via the Internet or an intranet. Web applications are popular because of the practicality of the web browser, which is currently available on desktop computers, notebooks, cell phones, tablets, etc. The ease of upgrading and maintaining web applications without distributing and installing software on thousands of potential customers is another reason for its popularity.

  • Cross-platform compatibility:  The same version of the application can run without problems on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc.
  • Update:  Web applications are always kept up to date and do not require the user to download updates and perform installation tasks.
  • Instant access from any location: Applications based on web technologies do not need be downloaded, installed and configured. They can also be accessed from any computer connected to the network where the application is accessed.
  • Fewer hardware requirements: Can work on any computer with a web browser. This applies to both mobile phones, tablets and other modern devices.

Web application testing services

Less Bugs (errors) :  There may be some bug in the software which may create technical problems due to software issues and hardware conflicts. Another reason is that with web-based applications all use the same version, and bugs can be corrected as soon as they are discovered benefiting immediately all users of the system. Hence, there is a role of an app testing company

  • Data Security: Data is hosted on servers located in datacenters with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure data protection and consistent operation of applications.

Benefits of implementing online applications on your website

Today users are looking for more than information on a website. They want to have systems at their disposal to meet any specific need quickly and at any time. On the other hand many companies obtain great benefits by providing these solutions to their customers and users, reducing costs, increasing sales, improving the company image, retaining customers, etc. Think about the convenience and usefulness of web applications such for different usages.

Benefits of deploying web applications in your organization

There are innumerable benefits that can be obtained by implementing a web application in the intranet (or extranet) of your organization. Some common features:

  • Capture data, generate reports and facilitate consultations to increase productivity in the various areas of the organization.
  • Publicize information of the company with effectiveness, getting all the parties involved are permanently informed with the latest news and information of the organization.
  • Facilitate the storage and consultation of documents.
  • Securely share part of the information or operations of an organization with suppliers, buyers, partners, customers or any other business or organization.

For this http://www.deviqa.com/ opted for the implementation of agile methods of development of testing apps which are done both manually and automated. They work with the below principles.

  • To individuals and their interaction, above processes and tools
  • Software that works, over and above exhaustive documentation
  • Collaboration with the client, above contractual negotiation
  • The response to change, beyond tracking a plan.