The importance of responsive website accessibility and the way to go for it

Updated: June 27, 2017

When internet was browsed only on computers, website design was easier as there was no need to think of any device friendliness or adaptation. With new devices coming in and now even wrist watches streaming internet, the modern day web design have to be get ready to meet the future challenges. That is why responsive website accessibility of such huge importance, all the why you need responsive web design.

The reasons you need responsive website accessibility

Website accessibility does not just mean better viewing but making it accessible for those with disabilities as well because if your website is not suitable for this population, then you are surely losing out a large chunk of business.

In many countries it is mandatory under law that your website should be accessible to all so that there is no discrimination. Of course, allowing responsive website accessibility also means you are doing a right thing, morally and ethically.

Today, modern technology has made it possible for making internet usage a level playing field for disabled people along with non-disabled. There are thus active participants and it is a size of population that you just cannot ignore any more.

responsive web design Pert

With around 20% of the population with disability, not having a responsive web design Perth means you are ignoring such a large community. When your website is accessible to all, you also gain more trust and confidence which can convert into sales in future. Also, the world of internet allows for a non-biased, barrier-less, hassle-free environment to hang around, to shop, to discuss, to participate and more, for disabled people. So, there lies a fair chunk of your potential customers. Also website accessibility is not just about more visibility, but it is also about responsiveness. It allows users to access content the way they wish to.

Simple guidelines to enable responsive website accessibility

First thing to note is the color of your website. There are many people who suffer from color blindness that is they are unable to differentiate between red, green and related colors. You can opt for color contrast in your website to make it user-friendly. You also get many tools to check how your website appears to a color blind person. You can get this factor with responsive web design Perth.

A basic norm to follow to ensure accessibility is while you name links. Instead of just instructions such as ‘click’, it is better to provide information on why the link is there. You can say, click the link to know more about the story. That is better. With simple procedures, it is possible to make adjustable content viewing for your site, that is users can read the content in a larger font or view the website with higher contrast.

Not just for accessibility but even for a regular website, it is important that users find navigation easy and convenient.

Website accessibility is not just making it accessible to all but it is also about tapping on to those customers who have been hitherto ignored by most. You can elevate your website’s visibility and usage much more when it is accessible to all and has responsive web design.