How to download YouTube videos to watch offline with YouTube Go

Updated: June 28, 2017

No more tedious trips on which to rely on the Wi-Fi connection or to end up with our operator’s data. At last, YouTube, the video service par excellence with more than one billion users daily, has followed the steps and good work of other services such as Netflix, adding the possibility of enjoying offline content. Google has already released the beta version of its new service called YouTube Go, with which we can download the videos we want in the memory of our phone or an SD card and we have already tested it, so pay attention because we are going to Tell how to download videos from YouTube to view them offline with YouTube Go. Download videos from YouTube The first thing we will do, as in all these cases, is to download the application from Google Play which, as we say, is still in beta.

Once we have it downloaded we register with our usual Google credentials and let it start running the application. You 1 as we will see, the interface is very similar to the normal YouTube application, with a selection of recommended according to the videos we usually see and a search engine. Well, to download a video we only have to select it and immediately we will have the option to play it or to download it and save YouTube videos.


We will choose the size we want, Basic (3.1 MB) or Standard (14.1 MB) depending on how much memory we are willing to sacrifice and we will press SAVE. From this moment the video will begin to download in our phone and once the download process is completed we can see it as many times as we want without connection from the saved tab, which is where it will be stored from Now all the videos that we download. Yugo We must not forget that it is in beta Maybe during the first few days we experience some bugs, for example, all the videos still do not allow us to be downloaded and notify us that the author has not granted rights to be downloaded and shared, but we understand that it will be something that will be remedied in the face of Launch the final version.

The first of the three methods is to use an extension for your browser. Specifically we have chosen the popular Clip Converter web because it supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari, being a multiplatform solution that you can use from any operating system. Enter the extensions section of your website, and on the left side click on the browser icon you use to use.


Tamper monkey

Each browser has its own extensions, but for being the most used we will stick to Chrome. First you will have to install the Tamper monkey extension, as it will allow you to use your own scripts in the browser, which is precisely what Clip Converter has designed for Chrome… Just go to the extension page and hit Add to Chrome. Install now, on the web of your Chrome add-on click on Download clipconverter.user.js. With Tamper monkey installed, the extension will recognize the JavaScript scripts, and will open a screen informing you about its features. Just press Install and Tamper monkey will do the rest. MP4 From now on, when you enter a new YouTube video you will be presented with three new options next to the thumbs up and down qualification buttons. The options are to use Clip Converter to choose what to download, download the audio of the video in MP3 format or download the video itself in MP4.