Improve Your Wifi Speed with Wifi Speed Test

Updated: January 2, 2018
Improve Your Wifi Speed withWifi Speed Test

Wi-Fi signal strength is definitely one of the imperative factors that tell the speed and reliability of wireless connection. Poor wireless speed and low signal strength often lead to frustrating and unreliable performance. Whether you are at work, or at home, efficient internet speed is definitely the daily need. As more internet devices connect to Wi-Fi, your browsing speed will lower down. So, to verify and to maximize the internet speed give a try to professional and widely used Wifi speed test.

Applicable to all devices

Wifi speed test is not confined to ethernet connections. It can be done on all devices that are connected via Wi-Fi. The application is exceptionally designed for the people who are always on the go. It tests the upload and download speed along with FTP server and UDP speed test. For accurate and better result, it is best to disconnect all the devices connected to Wi-Fi. It is definitely a useful app that empowers you to make thesignal stronger or talk to your provider for better assistance.

Wifi speed test

Why use Wi-Fi speed test?

Wifi speed test is an easy, quick and one-tap testing tool allows to give accurate results to millions of users. It is the no.#1 app that tests internet speeds and is used by professionals on daily basis. Following are the reasons for which you need to use the speed test.

  • It lets you discover the upload and download speed.
  • The real-time speedometer shows internet connection consistency.
  • The result will help the user to verify the internet speed as promised by the provider.
  • You can also troubleshoot the problem if getting poor connection speed.
  • It is best to track past tests along with detail reports.
  • You can share and compare the results with your friends.

What is a Wi-Fi Speed test?

Wi-Fi speed test is a great tool which will assist all the internet users to understand and easily track their internet connection speed. Wi-Fi does provide fastest internet speed to play online games, upload photos, stream videos, and download music. however, if you do not want to sacrifice the performance of an internet, try out taking a speed test.

Format of generated Speed Test

The internet speed test is measured in Megabit per seconds or in kilobits per second. After you take the Wifi speed test, a report generated will show download as well as upload speed.

  • What is download speed?

It is the speed with which internet connection delivers data to the user of the computer. It is the maximum info which a computer can receive from internet in every second.

  • Upload speed

It is the reverse process of download speed which measures maximum information that computer sends to the internet. It is also measured in Mbps or Kbps.


Wifi speed test is recommended by many users because of its comprehensive analysis features that significantly improve the performance of Wi-Fi. It definitely makes sense that how much onerely on strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. So, try out the speed test and let us know your experience.