Remotely Accessing Another Device in Stealth Mode via WebWatcher

Updated: January 5, 2018
Remotely Accessing Another Device in Stealth Mode via WebWatcher

Where technology helps us achieve more than we ever had before, it has also opened new gates for criminals and scammers. Identification fraud, taking individual bank details and online credentials, and other identical cyber crimes have made the internet a very risky place. If that wasn’t enough, modern organization guidelines are allowing workers to sell private organization details to others. Even if they don’t use their individual gadgets, they can still log into your office or home gadgets and get whatever details they want.

WebWatcher is a price range mobile cellphone tracking system that helps you track your kids’ smartphone activities to make sure they aren’t watching unsuitable material or speaking with risky people. You can view activities, such as calls and text messages, along with the applications they have set up and their GPS location and history. This method also shows you low-resolution editions of any images taken on the device. A single license expenses much less than other, similar mobile trackers.



WebWatcher has remote confirming abilities. Collected details is readable from any internet-connected pc. The manufacturer’s reporting interface is user-friendly. Beginning people who use computers will have no trouble finding the stored details, and the reviews are easily readable and understandable. The reporting system sorts the details by application type and in date order. The Alert Word system represents details that contains the specified alert keywords.


WebWatcher has strong blocking and filtration abilities. Computer owners can prevent websites by URL or page material. The internet tracking feature of the application can also narrow material on the fly. It definitely tests on the internet queries and website material for unsuitable or undesirable material. You can prevent customers from opening certain types of programs as well. Category-based blocking allows you to prevent programs by group, such as web internet explorer, IM application and email customers. Blocking by the programs given name is also possible.

Web-Based Monitoring Interface

All action documented by WebWatcher for iOS is sent to an online account where you can see it from any internet web browser. This removes the need to ever access the smart phone again after set up. Additionally, if you use other WebWatcher products, such as WebWatcher for Mac, they all appear together easily in the account.

Compatible with iOS 10/iPhone 7

No other source is yet suitable with iOS 9 creating WebWatcher the only remedy operates with iPhone 6 or any other device running iOS 9. Currently over 60% of the iOS market has already improved to iOS 9 and most of the rest is supposed to upgrade within the next 3 months. So even if another remedy works today, it will become impaired as soon as that device upgrades to iOS 9.

The WebWatcher phone monitoring application performs with most mobile operating system and paths a variety of details. It is supported by quality customer support, and its monthly registration expenses less than most, which makes it a good price range option. Overall, the system is simple to set up and use. For more spy applications, you can check out