Top Popcorn Time Alternatives 2018 – Watch Online Videos Hassle-Free

Updated: December 13, 2017

The struggle for existence is an eternal process and doesn’t seem to disappear any day. We put all our effort every day to earn our living, and we all need a refreshment in order to balance the stresses. The struggle to earn money will never stop, and that’s why we require some resources to continue struggling. Entertainment is the only option available to get the much-needed source of relaxation. On the way to your amusement, Popcorn Time can be an excellent option for you to rely on!

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a free cross-platform software Bit Torrent client. It contains an integrated media player where you can watch videos online. A free option to avail the subscription-based online video streaming services can be got by Popcorn Time. So, you can start enjoying unlimited movies, TV Shows, Sports and the audios if you have a good internet connection.

Everything is terrific with Popcorn Time, but the main problem has raised now with its disappearance. The platform is unavailable at the moment, so, you will not be able to watch videos there. Hence, we have come up with the Popcorn Time alternatives to assist you in getting similar or better service with ever ending videos.

Popcorn Time Alternatives to Watch Out For!

Here are the top alternatives to Popcorn Time which are eligible both regarding functionality, utility and user interface.


Stremio was created earlier than Popcorn Time, and it was called Cinematic at that time. With time, it has modified its name into Stremio. Stremio contains everything that one may require; from the Movies, TV Shows to Live TV! The best thing one can discover about Stremio is it supports multiple languages along with subtitles which is an added advantage to watch a great video with an unknown language. It is available on popular platforms such as Windows Phone, MAC, Android, OS X, and Linux.

Torren TV

As the name says, Torren TV is a TV streaming software online that make use of Torrent technology to share the TV Channels! Moreover, the similarity of the software with Torrent allows it to make the file transfer of a channel faster depending on the seeding. The peer to peer technology helps the users to get quality videos. But the online streaming software mainly targets the Russian audience with a majority of Russian Channels.

Duckie TV

One of the worthiest Popcorn Time alternatives, Duckie TV is an open source software which is compatible with popular platforms like Chrome browser, Android, Windows, MAC, and OS X. You can download good-quality videos through Duckie TV absolutely free! Moreover, the videos available in Duckie TV are highly rated. Translations are available in 15 languages with subtitles in this software.

Cinema Box

If we keep user satisfaction in mind, Cinema Box will undoubtedly top the list! You can pick your favorite video from the vast array of video collections in Cinema Box. The massive database of Movies and TV Shows in Cinema box can enable you to watch free HD videos on your Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet and even on your TV with its Chromecast feature! It is compatible with Android and iOS and supports Apple TV.

Final Verdict

Above four were some of the worthiest Popcorn Time alternatives keeping a few aspects in mind. You may or may not be satisfied with only four alternatives or just with a few features. Well, for your beneficiary, we have accumulated 12 worthy alternatives to Popcorn Time with different aspects and point of views. So, if you want to discover more Popcorn Time alternatives, read a descriptive article on LayerPoint.