Dynamics 365: Consumption, their Channel, and Introduction to Tenerife

Updated: December 14, 2017
Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 was launched in the first day of November, 2016 by Microsoft. It was earlier announced in July, ’16. Microsoft Dynamics is actually a product line which comprises Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Dynamics 365 has two versions for its sales purpose which are the Enterprise edition used in large organizations and the Business edition used in comparatively smaller ones. There are Financial applications provided in the Business edition. This includes Microsoft PowerApps, Dynamics CRM apps such as customer service, field service, sales, etc. along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (the premier ERP product of Microsoft). This very project is coded under the name of ‘Madeira’. Dynamics 365 was further repacked on 1st July, 2017.

All about Consumption

Dynamics 365- Consumption, their Channel, and Introduction to Tenerife

Talking about Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM, one of the most heard topics is Consumption. It is an item on which there is not too much of information available. Even Microsoft’s partners seem to have very less of a knowledge on this topic. As much it is known, anything that generates consumption has to spin the Azure servers of Microsoft. It may be any Software as a service app which may spin the server. Or any third party app which runs on another first-party Software as a service app or Azure itself may spin the servers. Dynamics 365 CRM consumption is paramount and no partner-hosted app or on-premise app can move the needle of Azure servers. It is not known why it is paramount but only available data is that Microsoft’s cloud controls all the processes, providing Consumption is a major issue and Microsoft is bound to get it more.

Many a services and features that are provided by the new Dynamics 365 such as its CRM and operations(AX) are driven by consumption, only the SaaS versions while the on-premise version doesn’t. In present time many products do not drive consumption such as SL, NAV and GP. Hence, most of the presently used Business solutions which are installation based, is on the incorrect path.

The Channel

According to Microsoft, the formerly known as Dynamics 365 for Business (Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365) will be renamed to Dynamics 365 Tenerife from Spring 2018 onwards. Microsoft has promised to provide a new cloud solution with an end-to-end business management augmenting Dynamics NAV to its fullest. Two offerings are promised and can be bought through their partner channel:

  • A Microsoft dynamics 365 cloud app which allows partner participation in the Cloud Solution Provider(CSP) Program. It’ll provide the customers with a cloud solution on single business management, focusing on sales, project management, financial management and operations.
  • To meet a customer’s unfamiliar needs, a business application platform for ISVs will be provided. It will allow the partners to build and serve the customers directly with vertical cloud solution under ISV Cloud Embed program.


Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultants, as an organization, always talks about growth and development. They never spill out much data about Business solution and their revenue numbers. So, we may expect a revolt, if consumption is their ultimate goal, as to meet the requirement of the capital needed.