Spy Software on Mobile – as a safe guard on your people

Updated: June 28, 2017

Do you have a teenager at home? Are you worried about his/ her activities? Want to know what your loved one does with the mobile equipped with latest technologies? Want to know the ware bouts of the family member? Do you doubt your employee activities? Do you feel that he or she is involved in unfair activities which spoil the reputation of the organization? Then the solution for your problems is Mobile Spy software.

What is the Spy software?

Spy software will help you in monitoring or observing the activities carried on mobile phones of your loved ones. Data will be transmitted remotely via internet. You can read the text messages, observe the calls made and call durations, browser history, social networking sites, GPS location tracker, photos, videos and files present in the phone. Once installed, this software runs at the background and the users are unaware of its functioning.


How does this spy software work?

This software should be installed in the mobile that you want to watch over. Direct installation should be carried in the mobile. Once installed this mobile spy will start working. The software will collect all the log files of the user activities on that mobile and transmits it to your account. Now you can login the web site of the spy software and just observe the dashboard. Each and every doing on the mobile will be present. Software synchronizes the data present in the mobile with your account at regular intervals specified. For this software to work as expected you need to have uninterrupted internet connection. Once data gets updated in your account you can go through your account and look at the activities carried on it. It is not necessary to stay nearby to the spied mobile. Irrestictive of the place you are you can keep an eye on your loved ones

What else can this software do?

Using this software we can read the text messages. Messages present in social networking apps like whats app, face book messenger can also be tracked. Call logs and duration of each call can be known. Photos,videos and files downloaded or uploaded can be tracked. We can also retrieve browsers data. You can also track the current location of the person using this mobile spy. You can use the app to block some websites, social media sites and YouTube content that could be in appropriate for your child by setting up parental control. Basically, the app works invisibly and the children would not know that parents are tracking them.


Apart if you have purchased licensedlatest software then you can also take picture using their mobile without their knowledge. You can also access the microphone in the mobile and listen what they are talking just as if you are behind them.

Though this software is helpful, it is not accepted to install spy software on others mobile phone without their knowledge. So you need to give prior intimation to your employee or your family member about the software.