Why is social media important nowadays? Learn more here

Updated: December 13, 2018
Why is social media important nowadays Learn more here

The first thing that you always do in the morning after waking up is to open your social media account and check who liked your photo posted the other night, who messaged you or check out what is the latest news posted on your wall.

Thanks to social media or social networking, we can do this kind of update every day. Regardless if you are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, the four most popular social networking sites, every one of these has its own purpose and have the distinct ability that makes it unique to one another.

Social media has become very powerful communications and marketing tool to more than a billion users around the world because it provides a lot of convenience to a lot of people compared to a decade ago, were messaging, posting, and updating your social networking accounts were very difficult.


In the field of business, you can easily promote your service or product easily and communicate with your clients as fast as you can by chatting with them directly with their social networking accounts.

Social media is where we can read and view relevant communications through posts and interact with fellow social media users by responding to them via our comments. Nowadays, social media plays a very important role in our life that we are using it to keeping in touch with our distant family, relatives, and peers, and this also served as one venue to make new friends and meet new people aside from being also a tool to showcase the world by posting pictures and videos.

A few years back, social networking is not that popular but nowadays, it is a requirement for most people around the world and is part of their daily life already.

In each generation, cultures have to undergo a series of changes and in recent years, our generation gave more important than anything else than social media.

Despite the positive change it gives to our lives, social networking or social media also brought its downsides along with it that we should always be aware of it.

Below our friends from socialnetworkguides.com listed down some of its noteworthy uses in our lives.



Most media outfits around the world now use social media and social networking sites to deliver the latest news, and along with it is the dying newspaper industry as media outfits slowly shifting from the traditional paper printed news to the digital form of delivering news to the people.


Social media affected the way most of us spend our leisure time. Instead of going outside taking a hike or go for a run, we sit on our couch scrolling to our newsfeed and read or watch videos that are posted there. Although it sounds very relaxing and laid back, it also deprives us of engaging in a more productive leisure time.