Why It’s Important to Change Your Car Air Filter Regularly

Updated: November 28, 2018
Why It’s Important to Change Your Car Air Filter Regularly

Owning a car and maintaining it in good condition can be a challenge depending on how you take care of it. While some people only take action when something is seriously wrong, you can avoid having problems through regular maintenance of your car.

Regularly changing your car’s air filter is one way to keep your vehicle running smoothly in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should replace dirty air filters as soon as possible.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

When the air filter in your car gets clogged, the quality and quantity of air going into your engine are significantly affected. The dirty air filter obstructs combustion chambers and affects proper fuel combustion. When this happens, the car engine has to work harder and eventually leads to a decrease in gas mileage and engine performance.

Studies have shown that replacing the dirty air filter of old cars can increase fuel mileage by as much as 14%. Also, it has been shown to improve the car’s performance by 6-11% increase in acceleration.

Reduce Harmful Emissions

By changing your car’s air filter regularly, you’re helping reduce air pollution. How? When your air filter is clogged, the airflow to the engine is reduced. If an engine has trouble with airflow, deposits will build up, causing premature wear and tear. By ensuring that your air filter is clean and well-maintained, you’ll see a reduction in emissions.


Enhance Engine Longevity

Engine damage occurs due to dirt and debris that accumulate when your car is not washed regularly. Thus, it’s essential that you wash your car once or twice a week to keep it in good condition. Also, changing the air filter regularly helps enhance the engine life because air filters are designed to trap damaging dirt and debris.

Easy to Track

Air filters should be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, but if you’re prone to dusty driving conditions, you should consider changing it more often. The owner’s manual maintenance will indicate how a maintenance schedule looks like and how often the air filter should be replaced. Don’t be fooled by what you see on the outside. An unchanged air filter might appear clean but should still be replaced at the scheduled time. It’s easy to track your schedule once you start doing it on a regular basis.

Save Money and Energy

As mentioned above, clogged air can cause extensive damage to your system. Clogging due to the accumulation of dirt is one of the leading causes of heating and cooling systems failing, but such failure is entirely avoidable. Check your car’s air filter every month and make it a point to change it whenever necessary. By doing so, you’ll save yourself thousands in possible repair and replacement costs.

Keeping the air filter of your car clean by regularly changing them is one of the easiest ways to prevent costly repairs in the future. It can also allow you to keep your beloved vehicle for many years.

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