Massive SEO Changes that you need to cope with

Updated: June 7, 2017

As time passes there are various changes that are coming and are causing people to develop the need to learn to cope. Here are a few SEO changes that you should learn how to deal with –

1) Mobile First

The shift from mobile to mobile first has come i.e. the surpassing of mobile searches as compared to desktop searches. to be able to master this shift you should know how to make your mobile SEO fast. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, it is highly likely that majority of the people are gonna shut it even before it opens. Not only should your website be easy to navigate and pleasing to look it, it must be lightning fast as well. If you are a SEO company in India you must ensure that your content caters to the audience. Your audience should have access to the kind of content that will be beneficial to them. It is important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and can be easily accessed.

2) Voice Searches

Day by day the number of voice searches done is increasing. Voice search is fast and easy and saves time. Ensure that you provide content in a manner that caters to these voice searches. Provide content that the customers will be interested in. Voice searches indicate the intent of the users and by mastering content that answers these questions you can easily conquer this change.

3) Hyperlocal


By targeting audience hyperlocally you can reach people on the basis of their location. People are increasingly searching for things such as “Find this near me” and this is providing a good opportunity for marketers. If you aim to master this change you must understand hyperlocal optimization. You can make use of Google’s hyperlocal results to get more visibility in the matters of small geographical locations. Ensure that the kind of information people tend to seek is made easily available by you such as directions, names, contacts etc.

4) Intelligent Content

Unique and genuine content is extremely important if you aim to increase your audience. You need to ensure that your content is based on strong data. You need to create meaningful content so that people are able to connect to it. If you aim to boost the search visibility you need to create content that is high in quality and couple it with good SEO practices. You can further expand the reach of your content by sharing it across various social media platforms. Ensure that your content is not plagiarized and do not engage in the practice of black hat SEO techniques.

5) Machine Learning

Google depends on machine learning to provide the best search results to users. To do the same it is very important for marketers to utilize AI and machine learning to its full potential. This will enable you to spend less time on analyzing data and spend more time on creating content that will cater to the target audience. You must define the metrics that are important to your brand. By doing so you will be able to keep a track of the progress that you have made.

The reason why people hire a well known SEO company in India is because they know how to handle these massive changes. Because of their experience and expertise they are able to provide their clients with the kind of service they need. They engage in white hat practices and regularly communicate with their clients regarding the improvements of their website ranking.

No SEO company can bring overnight success, it is important to have patience and faith.