Practices your web designing company should adhere to

Updated: June 7, 2017

Web designing companies need to practice creativity but they also need a set of standards that should follow. Here is a list of practices that you should follow –

1) Communicate

You must never disappear on your client. Many companies that practice web designing in Delhi often get a bad reputation because of lack of communication of their designers and clients. You must include your client in the process of designing. Keep on updating the client about the progress you make and the changes you do. If you keep on regularly informing the client and taking their approval the chance of them being unsatisfied at the end is unlikely. Make it a point that you share important milestones as well as any issues that arise. Be prompt. Get back to their calls and messages as soon as possible.

2) Stick to the time promised

Delay in delivery is one of the most common complaints of customers. Web designing is definitely a time consuming task but you must set a time limit and deliver the work within that limit. Providing the work on time should be your top most priority. It is also possible that the delays are happening by the client. If that is the case then you must ask them to cooperate and provide you with the necessary information on time.

3) Provide your clients with good after sales service


You must not disappear once the website is done and submitted. You can sign a maintenance contract with your client or can set up a service level agreement which will hold the details of the services you will be offering and what all will be covered under the contract. Do stick to your word and provide your client with genuine after sales service as it is possible that they will give you work in the future as well.

4) Be systematic

You must be systematic in your work. It often happens that the client wants to make changes, a few changes are okay but if your client is fickle minded and keep on changing his demands every second tell him that he will have to pay an additional fee. Discipline and respect must be from both the sides. If your client is not cooperating with you and treating you with respect, let them go. Keep on informing your client as you advance with the project after every stage completion. Keep on documenting everything and ensure that you have records that you can show to your client when asked.

5) Keep your team up to date

All the members of your team working with the client must be informed and kept up to date about the advancements of the project. They should be able to tackle any queries that the client has. You should know your business in and out. You must be able to advise your client regarding different matters such as blogs and links that will also help him improve his website SEO ranking. If you are not very informed about blogs and other factors that play a role then start educating yourself. You should have the knowledge that is required to provide good services to your client. If you are looking for website designing services in Delhi make sure that the agency you choose holds the potential to educate you about matters related to website design.

Despite the things mentioned above you also must promise only what you can deliver. Don’t make unrealistic promises to the client to seal the deal and then disappoint them with work that lacks. Promise only that work that you can provide within the specified time duration so that your client doesn’t keep unrealistic hopes.