What Are The Best GTA Games Released So Far?

Updated: August 8, 2018
What Are The Best GTA Games Released So Far

GTA Or Grand Theft Auto Games has 13 different versions released. Some of them have been worse from all aspects but as a gamer, you need to concentrate on the best ones so that you can have a quality time. Out of the 13 versions released, there is no doubt that GTA Vice City is the best in terms of overall features and popularity. If you have not played the game yet, you should download GTA Vice City game free and install it on your smartphone or tablet to start enjoying it.

Ranking The Best GTA Games 

GTA Vice City – There are unlimited things to do in this version of the game. The San Andreas based feature is extremely popular among gamers. You can go swimming, participate in gang wars, choose any outfit and drive boats. It is also the hottest game among all GTA games and it is the reason why most of the gamers stay glued to it to fulfill their fantasy. Download GTA Vice City game free APK and start playing.

GTA Vice City game free

GTA V – After GTA Vice City, GTA V is the most popular one. It is also referred to as GTA Online. It has one the best looks and gameplay with attention given to the detailing of the Rockstar. It is truly wild and you can do some of the coolest things like watching TV, surfing the fictional internet in the game, watch animals in the woods and what not.

GTA IV – This version of the game cuts down the wilder side of GTA many gamers are used to but its serious tone is a refreshing change. It feels modern while most of the other versions are more like retro which is great as a gangster setting. The combat feels natural in this game as you can use left and right triggers and flying the helicopter at night is a treat.

GTA Liberty City – If you want to get all dirty at times, this is the one that will attract you after Vice City. It is more of a bike-centric game and based on the theme of immigration and fighting rivals, forming a gang, raging gang war, cruising through the city with boat and helicopters, and much more. Apart from that, there are parachutes, tanks, golfs, dancing, hitting up with girls and whatnot.

Apart from these, GTA San Andreas and Chinatown Wars are also popular and worth giving a chance.