Clash Royale, a game that redefined the Card Collecting gaming genre

Updated: November 30, 2016

After launching Clash of Clans, Supercell bought, yet another masterpiece into the gaming world. Clash Royale had been in development for quite some time. The beta version was released in the month of February in India. The official launch was on the 2nd of March the same year. The gaem had been around for 11 months, and it feels like an eternity. The internet is filled with posts and forums, regarding Clash Royal. The game had gone a bit stale following a few months after its release. However, the developers have once again brought the craze back into the world. With new cards being added every 14 days, and custom tournaments, the game has once again regained its vitality. There are tons of things that can be brought in the game, all of which is done by gold and gems. Clash Royale gems reign supreme, because the gold currency within the game can also be bought by gems.

Clash Royale, a game of gems?

Skill matters in the game. If a player just buys gems and levels up, he may have an advantage in the beginning. But as they climb up the arenas, they will face problems. Experience and skill is essential in winning a game. Levelled up cards aren’t enough to secure a victory. There are four types of cards, based on their rarity. There is the Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer the card is, the more functionality it has compared to its lower peers. All cards aren’t available at once, and you unlock certain cards as you go up the arenas.


Spending money and buying gems to enhance your cards ensures an advantage over the other players, who don’t invest in the game, but nonetheless skill can overcome money. Also, the players who invest  money level up very quickly, so sooner or later, they will be playing against other clasers who have these maxed out cards. So it’s not a game of gems. The matchmaking system is ensures that you end up with someone who is at your level.

When it comes to the question of Clash Royale gems, the obvious question comes to mind: “How to spend your gems?” Well there are many ways to collect gems from free and crown chests and also through micro transactions. If you do not intend to spend any money, then you have to be very economical about the gems you intend to spend. Legendary cards are very powerful and having one in your deck gives it a significant power buff. So, plan to spend your gems on a legendary. After the latest update, during special offers a legendary chest, containing one legendary card might pop up anytime in your shop (the shop resets every 24 hours). It costs 500 gems. If you spend enough time, and open enough free and crown chests, eventually you will have enough to buy one legendary chest, without having to spend any money. This is one of the few ways in which you can put the gems you collect, or buy, to good use.