Updated: January 1, 2017

        Ear buds are small suitable to fit into your ears. These earphones are typically made for privacy to the users to listen to an audio source when compared to the load speaker. Ear buds are also known as earphones or ear speakers. Like other personal things we need to clean our ear buds in order to maintain the sound quality of our earphones. Forthcoming session helps us how to clean earbuds to protect our earphones.

Techniques to clean your ear buds:

         There are various techniques available to clean your ear buds. They are listed as follows:

  • Using an unused toothbrush – The simple method to clean your ear buds in home is using an unused toothbrush. The toothbrush you are used to clean earphone should have nylon bristle or else it will ruin your earphone. You need 3% hydrogen peroxide and a dry cloth for this cleaning process.


       First disconnect your earphone from your phone then brush your metal parts of your headphone with the help of dry toothbrush in order to remove dust. Dip your dry toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide solution and clean your earphone with the help of it. The speaker should face down while doing this process. Finally clean it with dry cloth.

  • Using rubbing alcohol – The effective method of cleaning your ear buds is by using rubbing alcohol because it is more powerful to kill bacteria in your headphone. Additionally you need dry towel, or paper towel, cotton swap along with the rubbing alcohol.



        Have a rubbing alcohol on cotton swap, dry towel or paper towel. Clean the ear buds including plastic and the bubbly parts. Clean the cords as well. Once it is dry return its cover.

  • Using dishwashing liquid – Dishwashing liquid also used to clean ear buds. With that you need paper towel, soft rag, spray bottle and warm water.


         Mix one drop of dishwashing liquid with the warm water and stir thoroughly to make a foamy liquid. Then pour that portion into the spray bottle. Spray the liquid on the soft rag. Apply some more liquid on the surface of the ear buds and rub thoroughly. Remove the soapy water from the surface of ear buds using paper towel. There is another method to clean your ear buds by pouring some soapy liquid on a small bowl and the soak the silicon covers of ear buds into that mixture. Using a cotton towel remove the debris.

  • Using vinegar solution – This is one of the simplest method tells about how to clean your ear buds. This can be done by using mixing one part of vinegar solution with one part of purified water in a bowl.


        Keep the ear bud in a solution for 15 minutes. Remove the ear buds and turn it inside out and do the same procedure for another 15 minutes. Then remove the ear buds from the solution. Empty the bowl and fill it with purified water, then place the ear buds into the purified water for 10 minutes. Take them off and let it dry. To dry your ear buds you can also use soft rag.