Why do you need to create animation video?

Updated: March 8, 2020
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The word “animation” is also known to many as “cartoon”. From childhood, every person gets acquainted with this concept and begins to approximately imagine how animated videos are made, namely: the artist draws an image, then everything is transferred to the appropriate media, and already on the screen we see pictures that change one after another. But the technology for making animated films or clips is not limited to this. Now, we will consider in more detail how the creation of animated videos occurs .

Initially, the team develops an idea and a scenario. Secondly, there is a storyboard depicting the main scenes, after which the characters of the video are developed. When everything is almost at the “finish line”, narrator voice is superimposed, animation (2D or 3D) and graphic design are created. And ultimately, superimposed musical and sound design. Thanks to all the components, we get a professionally composed animation clip.

Animated Commercials For Business

Hiring the video production services is a good way out if you are an economical person. This is a budget and popular option enough to convey information. Having ordered animation in our video studio, you can get exactly what you wanted and planned for a long time. Also, in advance, upon your request, we will be able to provide you with a portfolio so that you familiarize yourself with our work. What to do if you have many competitors? How to be the answer is very simple – ordering an animated video for which the price at animation studio hong kong is almost minimal! It will help not only attract the attention of consumers, but also give them a smile.

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Development Of Animated Cost Videos In Kiev

Many people learn footage easier than text or audio. Video affects both vision and hearing, and skillfully created alternating frames and images easily attracts the viewer and tightly imprints the information conveyed in the memory, even if the video lasts only a few seconds. Therefore, it is video advertising that is used in order to convey information to the widest possible audience.

Development of animated videos includes:

Statement of the problem that the video production services (for example, to convince the buyer of the quality of the advertised products or services, briefly talk about the production);

  • Definition of target audience (video target audience): to cut the audience of the product (age category, average income, etc.);
  • Selection of a place for advertising (Youtube, television, streets, company website, etc.);
  • creation of an idea and a detailed video script (it is better to provide this work to professionals);
  • video style selection (from the ones proposed);
  • And finally making a video!
  • The cost of animated videos depends on the style and complexity of the graphics, the quality of voice acting and duration.