Simple Tips in Producing and Editing High-Quality Movies Using Windows 10

Updated: August 6, 2019
Simple Tips in Producing and Editing High-Quality Movies Using Windows 10

If you want to create a polished video that looks like a product of a professional editor, then this article is definitely for you. If you didn’t know, you can now edit your videos and make it into an amazing movie even with your laptop. All you need is an iMovie for Windows alternative and your technique. You don’t need to have expensive equipment. You can now make impressive videos with whatever you have right now. Just pay attention to the following tips.

Light It Up!

If you ask professional videographers, the number one tip that they can share is to make sure that you have plenty of light. Remember that lighting can definitely make a huge difference. So this should also be your top priority. If you fail to have adequate lighting, your video will look ‘amateurish’ no matter how you edit it.

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Use A Clean and Safe Background

Avoid messy and distracting backgrounds when you are filming. What you can do instead is to use a solid-colored background. That can be a bedsheet or a sheet of backdrop paper. Your subject should be a few feet away from the backdrop so that it will not cast any shadows. It will also help if you shoot your videos at a common area. Avoid filming with a window or a reflective surface as your background. You might catch the camera in the process.

Audio Should Be Clear And Crisp

Always remember that your audio quality should be far more critical compared to your professional video quality. A lot of people would be okay with watching a video that is a bit grainy or not shot in HD as long as the sound quality is top-notch. However, if you settle for fuzzy and indistinct audio, you might not impress anyone with that.

No Shaky Footage Please!

If you do not want it to look like a home video, then your movie should not be shaky. Some viewers also feel uneasy and seasick while watching shaky videos. If you have been shooting videos for a while now, you know that holding it steady is not easy. So do not hold it! Use a tripod or set it up on a sturdy surface. However, if your video turns out to be shaky, use a video stabilization while editing to fix it.

Use A Good Video Editor

When editing your videos using your Microsoft Windows 10 computer, you can use an alternative for iMovie. One of the most recommended is the Movavi Video Editor. But there are also other options like the Windows Movie Maker, Wondershare Filmora, Sony Vegas VideoPad, or Lightworks. These are the top picks when editing videos using your Microsoft Windows 10 device.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to start making movies, maybe you want to be a vlogger or film documentaries, or maybe you just want to make a video of your fun vacation abroad, then there’s no need to worry. All you need is a good movie editor and the tips mentioned above to improve your technique.