Launch Programs and Clipboards – Macro keys Review

Updated: June 5, 2018

The basic concept of this tool is that it lets you get rid of the hassle of writing long texts and instead you may use small text triggers to type large texts anywhere on your PC. This is useful for people working in support centers, business sites, codes, and more. You are no longer bound of writing the same text twice and life could be made a whole lot easier with this software. It doesn’t matter whether you US MS word or notepad, fields in your browser, and more. It can contain 100 clipboard items saved in a macro fashion so that they can be triggered and used some other time.

In addition, this software helps you in recovering your content as macro keys automatically saves content that you ever created on your PC. These clipboards can be saved as a macro so they stay with you permanently.

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However, the interface of this software is a bit tricky and we as new users weren’t able to understand its concept and how it works. Hence, we spent around 20 minutes thinking what exactly is supposed to be done. But once we got the single idea of setting our keys to respective buttons, we felt quite comfortable and far from any negligence.

What can/should macro keys do?

Macro Keys Features:

  • Keyboard macros:

You can automate all repetitive tasks and save your time by creating customized macros.

  • Multiple clipboards:

You can store multiple clipboard items that make your on-going tasks hassle free.

  • Hotkey launcher:

Open folders, launch software, surf websites and even send email by hitting a combination ofkeys as you prefer. No need to use your mouse of moving your cursor to every folder or file you usually use. Simply tap the designated hotkeys and you are good to go.

  • Reliability:

Although privacy is something we are also curious about but Macro Key’s Patent pending methods help us protect our data from the prying eyes. It’s better than having nothing at all.

Macro keys Worth it or not ?

We realized that this software if used efficiently can reduce our efforts and working time by half. Although macro keys might sound usable only for customer servicing departments, data entry, managing sales records, etc. but its usage can be further increased to other means of working environments.

We realized students can get the most out of this software in creating their assignments, report making, academic projects, lab reports (technical staff) and more.


Macro keys is a user friendly and a productivity tool by that works well to make your life free of hassle. You can get your tasks done in quicker time as compared to the time where you are not using this software. Hence, if you are a time bound full time working individual, try getting a glimpse of it and see for yourself whether it fulfills your need or not.