Introducing, The NEW Features Of The DJI Phantom 5!

Updated: June 14, 2018
Introducing, The NEW Features Of The DJI Phantom 5!

One of the most trusted names when it comes to drones is a chinese company named DJI. This is a very well known manufacturer of UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles or also known as “drones.” DJI is popular for producing drones that are commonly used for aerial photography and videography. The company also designs and make other drone accessories like camera gimbals, propulsion systems, stabilizers, and so much more!

The DJI Phantom Series

DJI has released their Phantom Series since 2013. The Phantom 1 that was released January of 2013 and was equipped with a GoPro camera that is commonly used by amateur filmmakers and photographers. The Phantom 2 followed in December of 2013 which has better vision and other special features. DJI then released the Phantom 3 in April 2015 which was more advanced and more professional that records in 4K with a 100 Watt charger.

In March 2016, the Phantom 4 was introduced but was then surpassed by the Phantom 4 Advanced which was released on April 2017. DJI the released yet another model which is the Phantom 4 Obsidian in November 2017. This time, every drone enthusiasts are enjoying drone x pro a 3-axis stabilized camera with its amazing obstacle avoidance and 5-directional sensors. DJI then improved the ESCs and also had the low-noise propellers and named it the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0.

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The DJI Phantom 5 – The New Added Features

The new DJI Phantom 5 is set to be released anytime this 2018 and there are now plenty of dji phantom 5 review on the internet. Because of the best quality and performance of the DJI Phantom Series, there is no doubt why drone-enthusiasts are looking forward to the release date of this new model. So let us go ahead and take a look at what everyone should expect when it comes to the new additional features of the new DJI Phantom 5.

  • Anti-Collision. Other drones of the Phantom Series also have the anti-collision feature but with the Phantom 5, it is expected to be better. It will still have a 360-degree obstacle avoidance but better from the Phantom 4 Pro. This latest quadcopter might get the inspiration from the Inspire 2 when it comes to the upward sensors and add it to this new model.
  • Pilot Camera. This will be able to facilitate a dual operator flight where the lower resolution camera can be used specifically by the pilot to fly and the high-resolution camera should be able to control the gimbal.
  • Tracking System. Unlike the other drones in the market, this new model will not use GPS system anymore. With the new Phantom 5, you can now pick the object that you want to follow and the quadcopter will simply obey the command.
  • Flight Modes. By using the controller, you can select from three different flight modes: Sports Mode, Take Off and Tap to Fly. These new flight modes will allow you to take your drone for a rough ride with the Sports Mode, go on Autopilot with the Tap-To-Fly Mode, or you can manually fly the drone using the Take Off Mode.

Drones have made a huge impact on the military and different companies and research teams. Now, these tiny gadget comes in all shapes and sizes making it available for regular drone enthusiasts. Drones are available everywhere so it would be hard to find the best in the market these days. But if you know what to look for, then you are definitely in for a surprise!