Updated: June 30, 2019

These days, graphene price is one of the most debated topics across the globe. However, before look at that, let’s know what Graphene is, what could be its use and more.

It’s a known fact that diamond and graphite are two basic allotropes of carbon but with different properties. And here we are to tell you about “Graphene” which is made of identical carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal arrangement making it a miraculous atomic crystal

Founded in 2004 by two physicists, Graphene holds some incredible properties. It is considered to be much stronger than steel, with a mere one atom thickness Graphene is flexible just like rubber.

Properties of Graphene

The ways Graphene behaves as a material is surely remarkable and very exciting. Let’s dive in to know all the unbelievable properties of this material.


The reason nanotechnology researchers are so excited about graphene is the unique arrangement of the carbon atoms which allows electrons to ferry swiftly at very high velocity. Far better than conductors like copper and silver, Graphene is the best electrical conductor discovered yet. Researchers have also proven that even at the limit of nominally zero carrier concentration, electrons in graphene never seems to slow down.

Being an allotrope of the element carbon we all know how flaky and soft material graphite is. On the other hand, Graphane made of a single atom of carbon is harder than diamond. 200% stronger than steel, graphene is believed to the strongest material discovered till now. Graphene is highly flexible like rubber, and it can stretch by an amazing amount without breaking.

The carbon atoms in graphene are so intact that it acts like a super-fine atomic nest thus not allowing other material to pass through.

Other than these properties, graphene is composed of numerous unbelievable properties as well.

Inventions related to Graphene

Another invention is graphene paper that can be used, e.g. for the production of flexible lithium batteries. IT is claimed that nobody has ever produced this paper larger than a five-centimeter disc. Science’s successes with graphene have so far been the result of the commitment, skills, and talent of the teams working in several companies. These companies are trying to use Graphene a better way. Work on graphene products would also not be possible without the funds received from the National Center for Research and Development under the Graf-Tech program. However, financing ends this year and count on further support is carried on.This outstanding component is expected to replace all other materials in different industries. We all are looking forward to use the unique product that can help us with a guaranteed durability and rock solid performance. Hope this post helps. So, keep an eye on the updates related to this newly invented material and experiences the new-everywhere, every time!