TOP 5 reasons to choose an Android smartphone over iPhone

Updated: November 3, 2016
Android smartphone over iPhone

The debate about the superiority of “apple” gadgets over the “green robot” will not ever stop. In today’s article, we would like to present the most relevant reasons as to why you should switch to an Android smartphone if preference to your iPhone. We should say that we will try to be as objective as possible. So let us get started. Buckle up!

Reason #1. Innovations

Contrary to the popular belief, the new iPhone, as opposed to its competitors running on Android, is not that innovative. The most notable technologies, due to rumors and leaks, get implemented by companies like Huawei, Meizu or Samsung.

Huawei, for example, long before iPhone, managed to release a smartphone with a pressure sensitive display. And Meizu, at the beginning of 2016, saved the metal body of their smartphone from those plastic inserts for better radio transmission. Thus, it might take a while before wireless charging and the iris scanner reach the iPhone.

Reason #2. Battery life

Thanks to certain requirements by Google to smartphone manufacturers, companies manage to equip their own smartphones with really useful innovations. One of the trends of the current year was the increased battery capacity of 4000 mAh that now rocks on even ultra-budget Xiaomi smartphones. Unfortunately, the IPhone battery life is not so good even despite the famous IOS optimization.

Android smartphone over iPhone

Reason #3. Versatility

Despite the fact that the universal USB-port is the unofficial standard for the vast majority of Android-smartphone, the new iPhone went its own way. So much so, that if you want to charge your iPhone via a 12-inch MacBook, you can only do so using a special adapter, which costs a fortune. Moreover, if you want to connect the new EarPods to a desktop or a laptop, you will fail because the new EarPods are now Lightning-compatible only.

Reason #4. The 3.5mm connector

Oddly enough, but the device manufacturers running on Android did not rush to conquer the digital audio transmission technology. The vast majority of A-brands continues to pursue their path, demonstrating commitment to the analog headphones jack. Does it correlate with innovations? Hardly. However, flirting with false innovations is no inheritance of the strong. However, it is worth noting that iPhones used, like iPhone 6s which you can get for a really good price still have the 3.5mm connector on board.

Reason #5. Firmware

No matter how smooth and optimized IOS software is, most of the pre-installed apps are usually replaced with applications by Google. Most people opt for the mail client offered by Gmail and the Google Chrome is considered to be much better than its Safari analogue.

So these are reasons as to why you may want to opt for Android over IOS. If we have managed to convince you that Android is somewhat better than IOS, we suggest you go online, find cell phones used or new and get yourself a cool Android smartphone that will please you to the max.