To find out the diseases in the internal organs of your body

Updated: August 19, 2016

            A specialized instrument which wills your doctor used to view and operate on the internal organs and vessels of your body are endoscopy. It will allow the surgeons to view the problems in your internal organs without making the large incisions. A well practiced surgeon will insert into the body with the small cut or an opening in the body such as mouth. It is a flexible tube attach with camera that allows the doctor to see. The doctor can use forceps and scissors to operate or remove tissue for biopsy.

Reason to need:

            To visualize the organ it should used. An endoscope camera with lighted will allow the doctor to view the potential problems without a large incision. A screen in the operating room will show the internal organs what that catch inside of our body which should be recorded and we easily find out or clarify our doubts using this recorded videos. Suppose at the time endoscopy your doctor will suggested small part is infected or damaged and it should be biopsy and it will send to laboratory test for the result of the infected area to find out what types diseases that area will defeated. Before going to this test the doctor should review your symptoms in your body, then perform a physical examination for you and possibly order some blood test prior to an endoscopy. These tests are help to your doctor to find out the more accuracy of the symptoms which will occur in your body. These types are help the patients without going to the surgery.


Preparation for the test:

            Before going to these test doctors advised to take fast up to 12 hours before the procedure starts this will be clarify by your doctor. They give enemas to clear your system. This common procedure will use if it is passes through anus also. Complete medical history will be analyzed before going to the surgery. Be sure and also explain about your any regular medication including the counter drugs and the nutritional supplements and give information to your doctor in any allergies will be there. You will be instructed to stop those medications if there is a bleed.


            According to the area of the body this will varying. The American cancer society will list the types of society. To examine your joints the arthroscopy is used. In these methods the scope is inserted near the joints by making the small incisions. To examine the lungs bronchoscopy. This will inserted through the mouth or nose. To examine the colon the colonoscopy is used. For these test the scope will insert through he anus. For the bladder examination cystoscopy will be used. For these type of test the scope is inserted through your urethera which will be in your hole through your urinate. To examine the abdominal part the laparoscopy is used by making small incision near the affected area.

            After these test most of the patient will go home on the same day itself.