The One Spy Facebook Spy App Review

Updated: January 5, 2019
The One Spy

The spy applications have been playing significant role in monitoring and tracking of mobile phones possessed and used by someone else. These are intended particularly for parents and employers to keep the mobile phone devices of their children and workers under surveillance.Once you install the spyware software on the mobilephone of your kid or worker, you can supervise their cell phone use from anywhere and anytime.You can see what activities they perform and what conversations they make using their monitored cell phone devices. However, picking up a reliable and feature-rich spy app todo spying is the key. There are various cell phone spy app rightly available in the spy market making it challenging for the user to opt for the best. We have reviewed here the top-notch spy application to track cell phones and social media apps. Read on to know how this software application helps you spy on Facebook and other social media platforms.

TheOneSpy Social Media Tracking App

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and feature-rich cell phone tracking apps rightly accessible. It is intended for parents and employers to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of their children and workers. It is multi-platform app that is compatible with mobile phones and tablets running Android operating system. It supports Samsung, LG, Haier, Sony and other popular Android mobile phone brands running Android OS versions 3 to 7.1.

The spy software offers a wide range of high-tech features including social media spying. It is one of few spy apps that allow spying on popular social media app Facebook. By installing TheOneSpy app on the mobile phone of your kids and workers, you can monitor every single social media activity performed on Facebook via monitored cell phone. You can track messages and media files exchanged via social media app. Also, you can monitor posts, comments and friend list of your target.The One Spy

How does TheOneSpy Work

The cell phone spy software is similar to many other spy apps in its working. Once you install the software on the mobile phone of your kid or worker, you can monitor and control it via online control panel. The end-user of the spy app is provided access to an online account which consists on control panel of spy app. After installation, the spy app gets access to the data stored on the monitored cell phone. This data includes messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, voice recordings and similar stuff. This data is uploaded to the online spy account from where the end-user can review it. Read on to know how this application let you spy on popular social media platform Facebook.

Track Facebook Chats

The cell phone tracking app lets you track messages and conversations made via Facebook spy app.The social media app allows exchanging text, emoticons and stickers with online buddies. The spy app gets access to all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages and uploads to spy app account.This chat enables parents to make sure their kids do not receive harassing messages from cyber bullies and predators. The employers can track the social media conversations of their workers to ensure they communicate with the online customers and co-workers in an appropriate way.

Track Facebook Photos & Videos

By using the Facebook app, the user can exchange photos and videos with online friends. These photos or videos may contain objectionable stuff when received from pedophiles or predators. The child molesters transmit sexually explicit media files to teenagers to lure and trap them for sexual purpose. The spy app lets you see the images and videos received and sent by your children and workers via social media app. These media files get uploaded to the online spy app account from where you can see and download them.

Track Facebook Activities with Screen Recording

The on-demand screenshots isamong the highly praised features of cell phone spy app. You can capture almost every activity performed on the targeted cell phone with the help of screenshots. You can send command to the targeted mobile phone to take screenshots as your target starts using Facebook app. It ensures that all Facebook activities are recorded with a specific interval. These screenshots automatically get uploaded to the spy app account from where you can monitor them.