The home entertainment system that will change how you watch movies

Updated: October 5, 2017

There’s nothing better to do after a long day at work than to come back home, relax and watch a couple of movies or listen to your favourite songs while unwinding. What can really ruin the moment is bad audio; you won’t be able to enjoy the movie or TV series that you’re watching or enjoy listening to the music either. It might seem that your speakers need to be changed.

High quality audio speakers and home entertainment systems such as the NRG Acoustics SG-4 Home Theater System are a great upgrade to your living room and may well be a better replacement for your old speakers. Now you can watch a movie in the comfort of your own home and feel like you’re inside the movie theatre with the A-70. Movie nights just got a little better.

Watch movies in HD while listening to the audio in HD

Gone are the days where you need to crank the volume up just to hear what’s going on in the movies. Your old speakers were well, old, and they just weren’t really cutting it. Getting a new home entertainment system such as the A-70 will definitely solve your problem with regards to the audio quality of the movie or series that you’re watching. Your friends will be begging you to hold movie nights almost every night with the A-70. Movie date night won’t be the same as well, now you’ll get to enjoy watching TV with your significant other and feel like you’re just inside the cinemas.


Crisp and clear music for everybody

Everybody knows that music is essential to any party or gathering so if you’re planning to hold one in your home, you have to be sure that you can provide the guests with good quality music. Not just in terms of music choices but the quality of music itself coming out of the speakers. It’s really not effective when you put on good music and the only ones that can hear it are the ones standing 5 feet away from the speakers. The A-70 from NRG Acoustics is sure to provide you and all your guests high quality, HD sounds just like in the cinemas so you and all your guests can get their groove on.

This can also come in handy to set the tone for romantic dinners with your significant other, get your romantic side going with a candle light dinner, full course meal and matching romantic songs in HD!

Convenience in connectivity

While most audio systems need you to connect to it physically to play the music that you want, A-70 as well as other models of NRG Acoustics have Bluetooth capability which means whether you want to listen to music but you’re just not that ready to get out of bed yet or you want something to listen to while working but you just can’t seem to get out of the chair, you can simply connect your computer or your phone via Bluetooth to the theatre system and play the music that you want without even moving.

Quality sounds make moments more enjoyable, and with the A-70 model from NRG Acoustics, you are guaranteed to have cinema-like HD sounds coming out of the home theatre system. Your movie nights and the way you listen to music will never be the same again. Your friends might just even bug you to hold parties and movie nights more often, even the neighbours might come and join in the fun.