Blue Coat System And Their History

Updated: June 22, 2016

Blue coat system is about a company which deals with computers and security networks and this company was in California based company which provides us security and network solutions.  And they have their own website of their company. Blue coat was basically founded on 1996 and in California and United States are the main headquarters of the blue coat. In this blue coat system there are around more than 1400 employee as counted on 2014At December 9 of 2011.

Products of blue coat and there security research

In 2015 of March, the Forbes reported that Blue Coat had pressured security researcher at SyScan and the security products of the blue coats are widely used and popular in world wide.

Products of the blue coats are mentioned and described below.

ProxySG, a proxy or web security gateway which is used for content filtering, authentication of the gateway, caching, ICAP relay etc, and MACH5, this product is used to accelerate the internal applications and external applications for remote offices or distributed offices.


Management Center, it is a central control panel which allow access to the configure security systems, arranged policy, and to send administrative alerts.

X-Series, it is a scalable network security system which supports virtual third party security applications.

K9 Web Protection, it is free to use protection for use as a parental control of a system and to use filter Internet browsing.

Content Analysis System  this products applicable with anti-virus, anti-malware scan, thumbprint of object white listing, and static code analysis for the use of proxy appliances.

Packet Shaper allows the visibility and control over all network and applications of the system.

Cache Flow, this is basically used for cache solutions for Internet Service Provider and mobile network operators.

Reporter, which allows accessing the log collector and tool which allows producing automated reports and their event correlation

Intelligence Center, by the use of Packet Shaper it specifically control the panel to collect the data and perform the network and the performance reporting.

Malware Analysis Appliance, it is used for sandboxing and virtualization of appliance for finding and analyzing of unknown threats and files.

The SSL Visibility Appliance, which decrypt the code by the employee in the middle of attacks to identify and find the threats.

Security Analytics Platform, this product allows the full packet capture and analyzing to identifying and responds to the respective network threats.

Web Security Service, this product is based on cloud-based web security platform for all mobile devices which having features like SWG & CAS as a service.

Mail Threat Defense, in this product it do scanning and marking white listing for SMTP mail.

Data Loss Prevention, it is also similar of mail threat defense which allows scanning and making white listing for SMTP mail.

Content Access Security Broker, in this product it allows the network security solution to put the token and encrypt the data to storage in the cloud.