Best Pastime to keep kids busy

Updated: August 22, 2018
How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

The plight of a stay-at-home mother with young toddlers running around all over the house, crying and screeching, fighting with their siblings and pulling apart each other’s’ hair is unimaginably pitiful.   The entire day’s chore seems like you are just picking up those scattered pieces of toys and arranging them from one place to another appropriate one; and to find them again out of their original place in sometime. Be it pieces of some jigsaw puzzle game or some untied fragments of the Jenga or Lego block set, all of them are visibly thrown on the floor for the mother to come cleaning with her magic wand and rearrange them. Mothers particularly go fanatic when it’s the vacation time and the kids are at home throughout the day. She is always on the lookout of some constructive task to be allocated to the kids so that they can give her some peacetime without distorting the house.

So what are the constructive tasks that can be assigned to toddlers?

  1. An Origami class for making easy paper airplanes that fly far could be conducted wherein they experiment with the various art & craft works and bring out their creativity on the piece of paper. If you have more than two kids of around the same age, you could also run a competition for the best artwork made. One such game is the ‘Best Paper Airplane Ever’ wherein the kids are supposed to make paper airplanes which are trendy, with innovative designs and that travels for the maximum distance.How To Make The Best Paper Airplane
  2. You could also arrange some activity class for the kids especially a dance class, which most children enjoy. There are many Yoga, Aerobics and Zumba dance instructors that you can find in every neighborhood, who could be hired for some relief time. It is also particularly good for the physical exercise in children. A traditional way to keep the kids occupied is however to teach them how to make the best paper airplane jet.
  3. If you are not very skeptical of sending children out if the house for some time, then you could also explore a Summer Camp or some activity classes going on nearby your house, where the children could spend around 3-4 hours everyday. That would also take some stress off your back. This proposition would surely cost some extra bucks, but it is certainly worth the effort.
  4. If sending children out for some activity class is not feasible, you could arrange a small group of children playing together and all of them taking turns at each others houses, that ways, you know that your child will also be out in a safe place atleast most parts of the week.

Conclusion; Mothers all around the globe keep experimenting such pastime activities for their young ones, but a personal favorite would be the Best Paper Airplane Ever’ activity which doesn’t cost anything except some sheets of A4 paper and the kids are engrossed in it for atleast some time.