7 facts about Odyssey that will blow your mind

Updated: November 25, 2017

If there is a company that should be marked as one of the best in the home theatre industry it would be Odyssey. This brand has been providing home theatre systems for years and with their recent success on their products like NR 90 and TM-60 it’s bound to be a fruitful year for Odyssey. This company knows how to build theatre systems and they do it right everytime.

Despite their success, Odyssey remains low key. They have always been one of the most highly recommended home theatre manufacturer online. Every product that Odyssey produces are handcrafted to perfection and with uncompromised style and quality. But, it’s not the most rated nor one of the most mainstream one but rather one of the better ones. The highly rated and all american brand is already happy with their silent drop of units. This however, never stopped the online community to share the love. Buy their products like the TM-60 and recommend it to anybody that wants a good quality theatre system that is a bang for the buck.

Odyssey’s price is a winner: When Odyssey releases a product, it doesn’t have the hype and people needs to go an extra mile just to get a pair. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it. Because the quality, the looks, the style and the price is justifiable. It’s one of the best home theatre company that you never knew of that you probably should.You will be surprised with the amount of tech features that they put into their products and sell it way cheaper than the popular (overhyped) competition.

Odyssey’s TM-60 product: Odyssey’s newest product is the TM-60. It boasts their best and latest technology. Giving you true sound and great quality that you always find lacking on other brands in it’s price point. Continuing their legacy of well crafted home theatre systems that people will always find good. Odyssey Cinema TM-60 Reviews might have been few online, but it’s good ratings are undeniable. It only goes to show that the TM-60 is a great product that should receive praise and more exposure.

Odyssey is customer centered: Odyssey listens to their customers well and incorporates the best technology today in order to maximize your home theater experience. Blend customer input and the best technology in the market right now, and you got a good product that people will love. This is what’s missing from most companies, they are all vision and don’t listen to their audience. The result is a product that is good, but lacks the appeal to reel in customers.

Odyssey’s high quality products: Quality is not something that you just see, it’s something that you feel and experience. You feel it to appreciate the materials being used and experience the features that a product offers. With Odyssey, you can expect that what you buy is good quality. Each Odyssey home theatre system are crafted with great care,  a high regard for quality and their latest TM-60 is a testament to that.

Odyssey has been one of the brands that hasn’t been receiving a ton of love in recent years. It’s wasn’t about bad reviews and low quality products, in fact it’s the opposite. They maybe lacking on the visibility because of their marketing, but it’s undeniable that in terms of the actual product they are always in the right track. So the next time you stumble upon an Odyssey home theatre system, stop and ask a salesperson to try it out and guaranteed you will never ever look for another home theatre system ever again.