Tips to buy right air cooler for your home

Updated: March 29, 2017
air cooler

If you cannot afford to buy an air conditioner for your place this summer, the most suitable alternative is to go for an air cooler online. These are not only cost effective, but also the most reliable option, suitable for all places. Air conditioners although most effective in the scorching heat, are also very expensive, and not something that can be afforded by all. Although workplaces usually make use of air conditioners, people often opt for installing a cooler in their homes. However, there are several aspects that you should keep in mind before you select a cooler for your home.

Types of Air Coolers

When buying an air cooler online, you need to make sure that the type of air cooler you have selected is the best one for you. You can make a choice from dessert coolers and personal coolers. These are the two broad categories of air coolers to choose from. However, before you make a choice between these types, you need to know which one is best suited for what place and location. If you have a big room that you need to keep cool, you should opt for a dessert cooler whereas if you have a small room, you can opt for a personal cooler.

Both of the air cooler online are ideal depending upon your needs. A dessert cooler however is more expensive and energy consuming as compared to a personal cooler. It will also consume more water and requires greater maintenance. For cooling a big room, you are advised to use a dessert cooler, where a personal will not be effective, and vice versa. Therefore, before you opt for either of the two, make sure you are clear with the size of the room, and how cool do you want it to be. After you select the type of air cooler you wish to buy, you will then have to choose an appropriate model, for which you will need to know the size and other features.

air cooler


Much like multiple other features in an air conditioner, you will also come across several features in an air cooler. The greater the number of features you wish to have, the more expensive will be the cooler you buy. The features you should look out for while buying an air cooler online include:

  1. Thickness of the Pads – A cooler with sufficient pad thickness will be able to deliver proper cooling. If the cooler you opt for does not have thick pads, you might not get to experience the best of cooling.
  2. Variable Speed – This is the feature that can help you monitor the fan speed, a cooler that comes with a feature that allows you to regulate fan speed should always be preferred over one that doesn’t.
  3. Water Level Controller – This might be a rare to find feature, but a cooler that has an automatic controller for monitoring the water level, can be of great help. This will save water, by avoiding overflowing of the water tank.
  4. Remote Control – This is one of the very rare features, as it is derived entirely from air conditioners. If you can find a remote controlled air cooler online, there is certainly nothing better than that.


There are multiple brands of air cooler online for you to choose from, thus deciding the best one out of popular ones like Bajaj, Kenstar, Usha, Symphony, Havells, Crompton, will certainly be a mind boggling task. This is however the last thing you will have to do, after you have narrowed down on the size, type and features you are looking for. Deciding the brand in the end in-fact becomes easier when you are clear with everything you are looking for.

Verdict – Air coolers online can never be a match to air conditioners, especially in extreme summers. This is primarily because coolers have no arrangement for controlling the humidity. However, they can certainly be a cheaper and the most suitable alternatives for air conditioners to be used at homes. Out of the multiple types and brands of air coolers, selecting the best one can most certainly be confusing, which is why you need to look for certain features and the overall performance, so that selecting the best one can become a little easier for you.