Updated: March 7, 2017

Nowadays, there are serious gamers out there that they actually need the best technology to play some latest games, including some 3D games. Buying any type of laptop to play the games can be a scary task, but buying the gaming laptop cane even more challenging undertaking. There are many features that you need to look for the gaming laptop in order to get the best gaming laptop under 1000. Also, while buying the gaming laptop, you should need a high performance system that can efficiently play all type of recent games. Following are some tips on what to look in the gaming laptop.

While searching for the gaming laptop, the monitor size is very important and for good gaming experience, the size must be large enough. It is also recommended that the minimum monitor size should be 12”. This is because; you should need the finest screen space for playing the online games. There are screen that are available up to 18” for the laptop. Always get the graphic card that has a plenty of video RAM. 4GB is the minimum storage for good gaming experience but you should make sure that this 4GB of memory is not enough if you play any complicated games. Also, make sure that the gaming laptop should have the wireless card for internet gaming sessions.


Then let us see about the processor. The processor must be multi core such as quad core processor. You can also get even 6 to 8 core processor. Always consider the clock speed and the cache size, because you should need plenty of speed and power. Make sure that you get the huge space of the hard disk to ensure that you should not use it up while playing the online games. It is also important to consider the weight and size of the gaming laptop. But if you plan a lot to take the laptop always with you, you will likely want the lighter and smaller laptop for your convenience. But, if you are going with large screen size, you will not able to take the small laptop.

If you are going to play in the mobile, then the important feature you should notice is the battery with the long life. Most of the laptops use the lithium ion batteries that are judged by their capacity which is actually measured in the cells. Or, you want to include an extra battery in your package. The keyboard of the gaming should also be large enough to play the games in a comfortable manner. Everyone has different sized hands, so this is the personal issue. The touchpad of the laptop should also comfortable to everyone.

The good gaming laptops are made by several parts. The processor, Ram and the video card are very important for the gaming laptop. To play the recent games on laptop, the components are very important, because it will give you the finest gaming experience. Fortunately, it is now easier to find the good quality best gaming laptop under 1000 and they will give you good experience while giving the superior performance.