Tricks to Get More YouTube Views and Likes

Updated: May 29, 2017

Are you dreaming of raising the views of your YouTube video? Many people have become popular overnight by streaming the videos and getting liked and viewed. IF you are aspiring to be one of them and beat the behemoths of viewed videos, then you need to follow simple tricks to reach the steps of popularity. It Is simple and easy, if you know how to begin with.  Many people choose the medium o campaigning through promoters, but sometimes there are chances of getting rejected too. If YouTube finds out of creating a fake traffic, they may ban your video channel. Hence, a safe game is worth it. Get more youtube views here.


If you want to views normally without any campaigning mode, then surely you can. All you need is to apply some simple tips and tricks to reach the top charts. The first tip to achieving any mode of success is to act smart and act fast. Failure is the stepping stone for success is the old proverb. These days, if you act smart, you can achieve overnight success without much struggle.


For doing any task successfully, you must be good at it. So, in order to get huge number of views on YouTube, make sure that you start making videos. Create awesome and small videos. If your video length is too big, then make shorter promo videos or just glimpse videos about your content. People would not like to spend their precious time on the long videos. Hence, make it short to four to eight minutes only.

Use background scores, which are god and catchy. If you are putting a video on YouTube, which is not a musical video, then make sure you add the background score or do some talking. Videos without sound can get very annoying. For the musical videos, use a popular score for ten to fifteen seconds initially and later, you can change the tune. Learn more about how to get youtube views.


Learn the trick of how to upload a video smoothly. It can be irritating if your video has disturbing background noise of vehicles and your surroundings. Make sure, you upload the video in proper format and it meets the standard regulations of YouTube. Start creating your video today. Use it as medium for playing, creating, acting out and sharing. Once you are on the stream role for many videos on your channel, sooner you will get recognition. Most people do not watch videos of channels which have less number of videos in their page. Hence, create more and fill up your channel page.

The most important point for any channel is following a schedule. It might take hundreds of videos to reach the success ladder, but one video can change your fate. Hence, be prompt and don’t stack all your videos at once. Upload a video on weekly basis, your YouTube channel will be on talks and every new video will bring more subscribers.

With constant advertising and steady effort, your channel may reach the success charts soon.