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Updated: March 20, 2018

Since this is a well-known fact, that with the day by day advancement in modern technology, all the search engines like google, yahoo and Bing are consistently in the process of evolution and are well aware of this fact which content is original or pre-existing and which one is copied. However, plagiarism is always going to be a developing and an unfolding concern because with that much web-based content being produced each day there are plenty of online content and academic writer who always without any hassle of copyrights are used to copy and takes credit of someone’s material.

To me if someone is a freelance content writer and wants to avoid any plagiarism or grammatical error without losing the originality of his/her content then I will definitely prefer him to use SEO Magnifier because this magnifier is one of the very few that contains and provide Article Rewriter and Spinner, Keyword Finder, Paraphrasing tool, Plagiarism Checker, online grammar checker, reverse grammar checker, Meta tag generator and analyzer, backlink checker and even more tools under one umbrella. Not only this but all of the given tools are very user-friendly and interestingly freewhile providing the most reliable results which are only possible with premium version software.However, after having awonderful experience with this user-friendly SeoMagnifierI would love to discuss some of its main tools. So let’s just have a look at following four tools which I personally found more noticeable and attractive:

  1. Paraphrasing Tool

I think this tool is best suitable for professional writers since paraphrasing is a very tough job and it requires more care and focuses at your end because the moment you became careless you are definitely going to change the meaning of the content unwillingly. So the best thing about this tool it works carefully and is really superfast, you can use it as many times as you want as it’s free and doesn’t make any of your paraphrased content plagiarized ever, honestly speaking I being a freelance writer tried myself many online checkers but they never give you 100% non-plagiarized paraphrased content like this Magnifier does. You don’t need to hire any cheap or professional writer for your articles, essay or any other content because this fantastic tool is here to make the job easier for you.

  1. Online Plagiarism Checker

You all know this is the most commonly used tool and it is somehow quite different from other online checkers in a sense that I don’t ask you to buy premium version upon checking multiple articles, as you now know that is totally free and you can check as many files or documents as you want. Moreover, this advanced tool has the immense ability to analyze your article with as many search engines you can ever think of including google, yahoo, Bing all these. Its duplicate content checking ability can fetches data from any of the search engines by comparing your paper with other similar papers using having almost the same keywords as of your content and finally will provide you with the best possible results.

  1. Online Grammar Checker

This is indeed yet another interesting tool available on this magnifierand this tool is favorite one why because it is very easy, fast and the beauty of this tool is beside checking for English grammatical errors this correction tool supports more than 20 other languages as well as Spanish, French, Chinese and German etc. however unlike many other hundreds of grammar checker software this tool besides marking you mistakes will also eliminate your spelling or grammar mistakes, corrects the misuse of words and will also automatically highlight and even suggest the correct use of subject-verb agreement after quickly analyzing you article or content. So I think for all of us who are looking for any online Grammar checker, I would suggest this place for English grammar as well for other languages grammar too.

  1. Reverse Image searchBy Photo

Well,the addition of this amazing and extraordinary feature makes SeoMagnifier more interesting than you could think of. Only a few online premium checkers allow the use of this tool but here you can use it unlimited times. This Reverse tool is typically a type of web crawler where it is not required to put your efforts for discovering pictures. But instead, all you have to do is simply put a picture of your choice then this reverse image finder will search all the photos like the one you have entered. Let’s make it simpler for you in other words if you an expert photographer then the use of this tool will allow you to find and perceive the pictures of any individual, scenery, rare or unfamiliar spots, and any other items. It won’t be wrong to say, by the use of this tool, you will be able to determine and separate that particular place thing or an individual person just by uploading its picture. So, in my opinion, I would rather say this tool simply adds more diversification to this Magnifier.

End Note: Though if someone asks me to compare with other available SEO checker sites then no doubt I am going to rate this website way ahead of many other sites. Not just because it is free of cost but the diversity of tools you get on SEO Magnifier that includes (plagiarism checker, article rewriter, Meta tag generator and analyzer, backlink checker, word counter, grammar checker, paraphrasing tool, article density checker and more) make you actually feel like you are using a high-end paid premium SEO software. In fact with this range and variety of the tools without even costing a single penny to the users is what it takes to be called one of the best free online checkers available on the internet.

Hence without any element of favoritism or making my reviews even deeper simply I would say SeoMagnifier is the best available SEO tools providing a for SEO related and Freelance workers.