How Can Someone Know Whether Am Using A Fake Identity Card If It Is As Good As The Real One?

Updated: August 25, 2016

We all know that an identity card is needed when you want to drive a vehicle or enter a bar. The use of ID card does not stop with this; it is required as a proof for opening a bank account, for getting a job or loan and even to cast your vote. An ID card is an important proof of your identity and existence and it is a must that you should have an ID card with you where ever you go. The authority to issue ID card lies solely with government of the concerned nation and so is drinking and driving licenses.

There are occasions when you may lose a license and have to follow long procedures and investigations before you get one or you cannot have a license because you are underage or your license is cancelled because you have misused it and have to wait till the bar on your license is lifted. What would you do in such circumstances? Wait for your original ID card to come in your hand or go for a fake one? Remember that ID cards are given keeping in mind your safety and the safety of people around you. When you use a fake id which is you are playing not just with your life but also endangering other’s life. Look at the number of road accidents that take place every year because of bad drivers with fake ID card causing loss of life and fatal injuries.


 Know one thing for certain, it is illegal to manufacture, forge or use a fake ID and is a punishable offence under the law of the nation and you can be jailed or fined or you may have to undergo both the punishments if you are caught by police or bouncers using a fake identity card. You may ask what if I am not caught. Many are using fake licenses with misbelieve that they will never get caught and this is very much a fact till they are caught red-handed.

Many websites boldly advertise that they can manufacture scannable fake id cards which cannot be proved fake by any person or scanning mechanism and many get fooled by these promotions and land in jail. Punishments differ depending on the severity of offence and also by law governing different nations. Forging or manufacturing fake license is a bigger offence compared to using a fake ID card or using someone else licenses where even the owner of the licenses is prosecuted. Prosecution also depends where you are using the fake ID card?  If you are using it to enter a pub or a gambling station, you may be excused for the first time but there is no guarantee that you will escape a fine. The punishment is severe when you are caught driving with a fake driving license or using a fake ID card to commit a crime. In both these cases, you may have to face many years of jail sentence with a fine of hefty sum and you may even have to do community service as a part of your jail sentence.