Best Elements for Calls to Action (CTA) Button

Updated: January 29, 2018

Ever wonder how to boost your email engagement and growth rate for your brands? If you want to make more customers and more revenue from your email management, you need to create an attractive call to action (CTA) buttons. CTAs are the big thing to engage the customer to take actions. With these efforts, we can make them do reading articles, surfing through online markets, or even make purchasing.

And it’s really essential to inform your online visitors through the purchasing trip using ideal calls-to-action (CTAs). Think about it: If you had not been attracted in by the duplicate or style of the CTA, or been advised so gracefully through your sign-up procedure, you would probably use a lot fewer applications and sites that you do now.

In this article, you will study the basics fundamental elements of calls to action button.

  1. Best Looking Designs

If you need to increase your click rate, you need the best design. When you are designing your CTAs, you have to make sure about the designs are big enough to stand alone form the entire content of the email marketing strategy. When you are using a white background, you have to pick a bright color for CTA.

And add some value to CTA that if they use this email for purchasing they have a chance to win a trip to France. Not only the color and background of CTA are essential, but you should also think about the placement of the CTA. The best calls to action use action words that let viewers know the specific action they should take next.

  1. Attractive Subject

The copy of subject in the CTA should enlist the subscribers to take actions. Your CTA subject should compel them to click it. When you are making your CTA, avoid using technical words some of the marketers use the word “Submit” or “Register” on the CTA. But you should use more simple words to attract to them and give exactly what the users want.

Ideas for CTA Subject

  • Get help
  • Shop now
  • Say hello to (Product name)
  • Coming soon
  • Make it first (for Booking)
  • Be the first (to Register)
  1. Extra Offer by CTA

Your customer value is essential and you need to catch their attention quickly. Just include the specific cost for what the audience wants to click their CTA. So make three CTA with same time with three offers, three CTA can make your customer communicate quickly and efficiently.

Even though it’s hard to give three counter-incentive, but studies found that offering more than incentives can lead them to shop what’s most valuable to them.

  1. Use Relevant Pages

A CTA at the top of your web page can attract visitors’ attention even before they read any of your content. To make your CTA successful, you need to link the CTA to the relevant page. Instead of linking to the current page of your site, you must be promised about what’s in the CTA. Many times, marketers build the custom page just to get traffics email with CTA.