Many applications are more comfortable than the messages

Updated: October 20, 2016
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Recently people moving away from the message & MMS and started to connect with different application which are available in present days.  There is a plethora of choices to chat to others without any disturbance. In older days people’s are communicating with mobile, landline and drop information in an email, but now smartphone playing bigger role among the younger generation as well as elders. If anybody had situation in low signal, then their headset will help them to get a clear message from others. An essential thing is to remember that several applications are available to work best if one who wants to contact with relative, friend and colleague. The Report says that around 19 billion messages are sent from mobile chat per day.

Several varieties of chat application:

There are different types of chat application which are explained in detail below:

WhatsApp: This software having more users around the world and it will be more famous among the younger generation. It has more features which include video, audio media, photo and group chat. Effective features involve in this application is chat will be stored in automatically and it won’t erase by itself unless user delete it.

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Facebook Messenger: This application can be used to chat through Facebook and it only applicable for smartphone and in system with internet. It contains a large array of stickers and providing voice messaging and picture. Facebook not having best record compared to whatsApp.

Slack: Slack application is very popular among business teams and younger. This Chat App has a beautiful interface with easy usability and allows all types of content like docs, PDFs, video which can be shared in channels.

Google Hangouts: Who are having android phone usually have google hangouts. Hangouts are a descent service which involves free voice calling, messaging, free video chatting and it permits to the SMS conversations. It also contains emojis and stickers people can use during any conversation.

Kik: This application comes under the famous messaging apps which can be used if a person want to chat without showing their identity and particularly it will be good who like the game more. It includes emojis and stickers with group chats and also it contain the features to share videos, images, play games and gifs like other application.

We chat: This application quietly gained more steam and it offers video calls, voice call and no extra money require from other we chat users.

Line: It is also popular and decent messaging application in which users can use sticker, can share photos and videos.

Advantages of Messaging application:

Chat service enhances the communication between one user to another and there are lots of application present in the internet which can be made by various programming  languages like Java, ASP, PHP and more. Most of the Chat App are free that can be easily downloaded by the user. Free online services are efficient & modern and  it will gain more popularity once the person’s response to their customer queries. Before choosing any application have to check the requirements and its features and have to the pick the correct hosting package because it may need server bandwidth and support.