What is a product key for Microsoft windows?

Updated: April 29, 2019
What is a product key for Microsoft windows

Product key is the legal authentication to the process of accessing a software or hardware. It is usually unique and alphanumeric code in particular length. It is required by lots of software after or during installation. This helps software developers to ensure about the each copy of software that can be legally purchased. Most of the software including operating system and program needs product keys. According to general rule, if you want to access any kind of software it probably requires a product key. In addition to product key, it requires the product activation in the further process to ensure the software that can be obtained legally. Thus open source software does not require any product to activate and it is decided by the manufacturing company and it uses the statistical purposes.

How is it used?

It is also referred as CD keys, key codes, licenses, software keys, product codes or installation keys. It acts as a password to a program. The password given after or during the installation will enable specific application access. Thus windows can be installed without product key but it needs product key to access every other feature within the software. It is usually can be used only with single system or program. There are separate key to have multiple access where you need to pay extra according to number of access granted. If you do not enter product key after installation, you may have to use only the trial version. If you need to access full version, you should start getting the software activated with the key. Also there are numbers of product key slots that is plotted with shut down which can be opened and used in different slot.

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Microsoft product key

All the software of Microsoft requires product key that can be installed with the entry of unique keys during or after installation. Usually the key is printed at the product key sticker and you can easily spot it over the page. Usually the key is allotted in 25 characters in length and is given in the combination of letters and numbers. In every version of Microsoft OS, it is given in the combination of alphanumeric with 25 characters.

Locating the key

Since the key is required during installation, you need to find the lost key in rare case. It is essential in case of reinstallation program. You do not have to repurchase the software. The key is stored in the windows registry for future access. So getting back the key is easier and also you can spot the cheap software keys when you are searching to buy for the first time. It can be found in lots of online sites. Get the updated reviews before buying key from particular site.