Top 3 Reasons Why Android is Currently Better than iOS

Updated: June 12, 2017

Android and iOS are in a constant contest for new features. Currently, there are some points where Android offers advantages over iOS. We’ll show you the ten most important reasons for the Google and the Apple system.

According to the Google, I / O is before the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) of Apple. On June 13, the iPhone manufacturer in San Francisco will present its new iOS 10 operating system. Still, there are some points where iOS can learn from Android. We show you ten reasons why Android is currently better than iOS.

  1. Android is more flexible

IOS is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In contrast, Android has significantly conquered more devices. Smartphones came to tablets, tablets came from smartwatches and wearables, and then came TV sets and set-top boxes. And the story is by no means finished, because, with the Daydream features announced at the Google I/O 2016, Android will also become the platform for virtual reality applications.


  1. Android is more innovative

Android is not only further developed by Google, but also by the individual device manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony or Huawei. These, of course, bring their own ideas and ensure that the operating system often develops much faster than iOS. Need some examples? A Split screen feature, as Apple offers since iOS 9, has been around for years in the Android versions of Samsung and LG. The communication protocol NFC (Near Field Communication) was also supported by Android and offers much more possibilities on Android devices today than under iOS.

And even with the fingerprint sensor, Apple was not the first. As early as 2011 Motorola had a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the offer and had to create a corresponding interface under Android. Another feature, which will support Android soon, is, as already mentioned, Virtual Reality. Vidmate is one the great apps on the market today that helps you downloading any movies, videos and songs.

  1. Android is customizable

Anyone who knows an iPhone knows it all. The iOS user interface looks identical on every smartphone. Only the arrangement of the apps and folders and the choice of the background image is the responsibility of the user. With Android, it looks different because here the user can decide how the user interface of the device should look. Apps can, for example, be completely banished from the Home screen and bunk in an app drawer and widgets can display and run many app functions directly on the main screen, without the user has to switch to the app itself.

Fonts, app icons, and display elements can also be edited. On request, users with an alternative launcher can even turn the entire operating concept of the smartphone upside down. Overall, there is hardly one aspect of an Android device which cannot be changed according to individual tastes.

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