The Struggles of Having a Ps4 Monitor

Updated: October 14, 2019

Ps4, the epitome of our childhood lives, it was something we all know and love, where the love for gaming began for most. It was what we would spend days and nights playing whatever game we had. Yes the Ps4 came in and took out the rest of the competition. It’s what you could say was the new hide and seek. It came in hot, and was loved and praised by all. Now for most of us who played for fun, and didn’t know much about just went with the game and whatever monitor we had. But for players who took it seriously had some feedback. It was that their monitors were either poor in quality, not up to date, and more. As the Ps4 needed a monitor to play it was time to search for the best gaming monitor for ps4.

best gaming monitor for ps4What to look out for

When going monitor hunting, it is key to know what exactly you are looking for to find the right one. They could be;

  • The resolution; basically it means is how much pixels are in the image. More pixels results in higher resolution.
  • Quad HD or 4K; it is known that 4K is one hundred times better, as it has higher resolution, however it depends on the preferences.
  • Refresh rates; this is something that is a must to look out for if gamers what to experience smoother, less buffering games they have to consider the rates. On average they are at 60Hz, but to make it better it should at least be 144-165Hz.
  • Response times; this is a need for competitive gamers, it is used so that it will not deter the performance of the player. It is said that the response time should be less than 5 minutes.
  • Panel types; there are various types of panels to choose from, but it is best to figure out which type suits you, and enjoy the rest of your gaming experience
  • Types of graphic cards; it is must to know which types to get because the power of your monitor also as to be taken into consideration
  • Size of the pane; it is said that the panel must not be over 27 inches as small screens give off more focus to the gamers

The best of the best

There are plenty of monitors and other additional benefits like gaming mouse for big hands. But the best ones are;

  • Acer XFA240; this is the best for professional, competitive, or serious gamers, it has got a 24” display, with a 144Hz refresh rate, and a response time of 1 minute.
  • Dell LED-lit; this is meant for single players, it has also got a 144Hz refresh rate, however it takes 2 minuets to respond.
  • Asus VG245H; now this is for the lazy type, who stay at home, and battle it out with friends. It has 24” display, but only 75Hz refresh rate, however it has a response time of 1 minute.

Should I get it?

The question on every gamers mind, “should I get it?” There are many things to consider like the type of gamer you are, or how long do you think you’ll be on the laptop, and the price. These monitors tend to be priced from$70 to over $500. So it’s important to know the value, and if it is something that s absolutely necessary for you.