Here’s When You Should Consider VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Updated: August 4, 2019

You heard about VPS but you dismissed it quickly because it sounds expensive and fancy. However, if you want to take your projects to a whole new level, you should think about availing VPS. Essentially, VPS will allow you to store all data and files for your website on a single server.

If you are not convinced yet, here are some signs indicating that you should switch to VPS hosting:

When you are constantly worried about security

If you need things like more backup space, advanced monitoring or enhanced security, VPS hosting is in order. Of all the features, you must know that VPS takes pride in reliable security.

When you start to notice high traffic volumes

When you are just starting, it is understandable that you consider shared hosting because you do not receive much traffic. However, as your website audience rises, you should think about upgrading.

You will know it is time to switch to VPS if you start noticing high traffic volumes. Do not risk it because there will be times that your server will crash because it cannot deal with the increased traffic. When you anticipate an audience increase, you should immediately switch to VPS.

When your website is running slow

If your website uses a large amount of RAM, it is not meant to be under shared hosting. As mentioned, when you start noticing high traffic, you should immediately upgrade because it can affect your site’s load times. VPS is a way of scaling your website to improve user experience.

When you have an online store

If you have an online store, it is reasonable to switch to VPS. With VPS, you will have a dedicated and secure server that can ultimately protect costumers against data theft. As the online store owner, you need to do everything in your power to ensure the safety of your customers ‘ financial records.

When you consistently run into server errors

If you consistently encounter “Service Unavailable” or “Internal Server Error”, it is high time that you upgrade to VPS hosting. While you can troubleshoot these downtime issues, it will continue to happen which can affect customer experience.

What’s next?

If the signs are telling that you need VPS, there are many services you can consider but you must be wary because not all are created equal. When picking the right service, you should look into the resources that you require, OS, root access, and backend operations management. If you are in Cyprus, it makes sense to choose Cyprus VPS.

Final words

Remember that VPS is only helpful when you give it a chance. Though availing of VPS hosting entails a cost, the rewards outweigh it. The key here is research. So, before you settle, do your research first and make a comparison. With patience, you can identify the right solution for your needs.