Good RC planes for beginners

Updated: July 25, 2018

Having to make a choice on RC plane is electrifying regardless of what age you are. Many of these planes are made of designs imitating a real plane and whose body can withstand battering. These planes can be flown both outdoors and indoors, and offer an opportunity to bond with your child while having fun and outwitting each other. When choosing the best beginner RC plane, are few factors to consider. They include stability, durability, cost and accessibility of spare parts, features, transmitter quality and signal power. A way to get up in the air as beginner as fast as possible is getting ready to fly (RTF) RC plane.

Durability and performance

An RC plane should be able to withstand crashes caused by its user and not be able to get damaged. On performance, it should be able to do simple aerobatic moves such as loops and rolls as it moves on a slow pace.


When an RC plane whose wing is on top of the fuselage is referred to as a high wing, they are more stable compared to those whose wings are below (low-wingers), hence make better practice planes for beginners.

Cost and spare parts accessibility

The likelihood of a beginner to crash a plane is a lot, hence the need to buy a cheap plane in case of accidents. When one plane crashes you can easily get another at the same price or cheaper. Availability of spare parts is an important factor to consider especially when it happens to crash. These crashes may affect individual parts as compared to crashing the whole plane. Best beginner RC plane made of foam is easier to repair as spare parts are cheap.


RC planes are made of a variety of features, one of these features are channel versions. These channel versions include three and four. They are throttle, rudder or rotation, aileron also known as a side to side tilting and elevator (up and down). A three-channel RC plane is best preferred for a beginner. They have the rudder, the throttle and the elevator controls. Once you are able to fly the three channel plane using its controls you graduate to using the four channel; has more manoeuvres and aerobatics.

Signal power and transmitter quality

A poor transmitter with weak signal strength is a recipe for trouble as beginners lack skills. Good planes should have quality decent transmitters and signal strength.