YouTube360 to Make Big Impact on Corporate Videos?

Updated: February 22, 2017
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The revolution in video making and viewing had begun about two decades ago, but a landmark event took place when Googlerecently launched its “YouTube360”, simply changing the way people view videos. As time progresses, there will be no signs of resting as far as enterprise video platforms or video technology is concerned.The future looks every bit progressive and corporates might want to be braced up for this revolution.

How helpful are 360° videos? Can they really have an impact on corporate videos?

Let’s take a look at how they are set to change the dynamics, both, within corporates and between corporates and their customers:

Engaging and interactive:There’s something about the way they engage the viewer, through interactivity. The content, footage, angles, and theme “interact” with the viewer, making the presentation more believable and realistic. Corporates can make use of such videos to create a very engaging experience for their customers, and hold their attention span for longer duration. These videos also allow content to be relayed in an effective and concise manner.

Training and communication:A company can make use of a 360 ° video for its various internal communication and training requirements. Training is enhanced through a 360° video as it allows for an interactive engagement and brings about greater learning amongst the employees. These videos can also be saved in archives and viewed on-demand by employees. The 360° video also adds a great value to presentations made within the company, one good instance is – when the company launches a new product and the 360°video provides a great view of the product and its utilities. Such videos also act as promising tools for newcomers in their induction processes or for their technical learning requirements.

Virtual Reality: A highly interactive and engaging 360° video borders on virtual reality and the impact of such videos is huge in certain industries such as the travel and hospitality. Airlines and hotels can make great use of these videos to promote their services to customers. A video on the inflight experience or one that takes a viewer on a ‘’virtual tour’’ of the hotel room entices the customers by providing a glimpse of what is to come. Gaming companies are also extensively using such technology as part of their games and are constantly upping the experience of the players; the player is now part of the game!

Marketing Efforts: We have seen the impact of a normal video on a viewer; a 360° video ups the impact and is a very powerful tool for corporates to promote their products and brands. Many companies are now moving towards video as a marketing tool and the internet has become a popular place for both companies and customers to converge and associate through the medium of 360° videos.

Live filming: Corporates can film events or meetings and air the same across to their employees sitting elsewhere in the globe through these videos. A360° video enhances the viewing experience and helps audience connect with the happenings elsewhere.

Interactive Tours: When a corporate attends a business fair or an event, a 360° video is a good way to catch the attention of the visitors and customers alike. The 360° video provides a very interactive experience allowing people to get connected and grow their affinity to the products being showcased.

Dataanalysis:Interactive or 360° videos are known to engage more customers than normal videos do, and for a longer span of time. A lot of data can be gathered, as people watch corporate videos online to analyze their preferences and needs. Based on this data, corporates can reorient their marketing strategies and offer what their audiences prefer.

Current day customer and business dynamics require enhanced marketing efforts. Enterprise video solutions are being preferred, as corporates look to enhance their marketing efforts in an effective and engaging manner. Tools such as the 360° video plays a significant role as corporatesaims to promote themselvesboth, internallyto its employees and externally to its customers as,the videos tend to leave a lasting impression of the corporates and their brands.