Top 3 Android games 2018

Updated: August 16, 2018

Information about which is the best game on Android, compilers of various ratings are obtained from various sources. First of all, the data on the number of downloads of a game are analyzed. Such data, as a rule, are freely available and the companies-developers are happy to publish figures on the number of downloads on their own resources. Also, various surveys are conducted among users of mobile devices.
Manamonster have prepared the list of three best Android games 2018:

Released in 2016 on the PC and the Xbox console, the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds produced the effect of a bomb that exploded. The multiplayer shooter sold millions of copies, collected an army of fans and became, in many ways, the trendsetter for subsequent online shooting ranges.

The gamer is thrown out on the island, literally in one shorts and with bare fists. It is necessary to quickly find weapons, armor and engage in a fierce firefight with opponents. The game provides dozens of types of trunks, transport and protection.

The third part of Heroes of Might and Magic is rightfully considered the best in the series, both on the PC and in the mobile version, which, in addition, received a high-quality HD-reissue. True, it will not work for free. For the opportunity to launch the legendary turn-based strategy on the smartphone will have to pay a little money.

When you switch to the mobile version, the game has not lost a single classic element. You also examine the map, build invincible fortresses, pump the army, search for powerful artifacts and fight with enemy armies.

One of the best games on Android, which combines the mechanics of role-playing games and strategy. Colorful graphics, a huge number of locations, hundreds of quests, complex tactical battles – the company Nival did everything to make you immersed in the fantasy world of the game on your smartphone.

During the game you will have to combine different types of troops. In one unit you can recruit mages, pirates, elves, animals, necromancers, ancient dragons and many others. Each type of troops has its own strengths and weaknesses, which have to be clearly considered on the battlefield.