Technology of Ancient Cooling Systems

Updated: October 7, 2015

The modern era is having the pleasure of highly advanced cooling systems which are efficient & effective.  These modern AC systems utilizes best compressor, like jaguar AC compressor, which provide them enough power to operate even in the hostile conditions. Obviously, these systems were not present from the beginning of the time. The human society has seen many turning points in the field of air conditioning. Right from the ancient past, people have been utilizing various natural resources for comfort & luxurious living. Let’s have the look over the history of cooling systems. It would enable us to understand how people would have lived with their traditional cooling systems that didn’t use anything modern, like jaguar AC compressor.

Historical evidences tell about the first massive cooling system which was built in china. It is very amazing & unbelievable that this system utilized the same law as being used in the modern AC systems. But, it was powered by the heavy flow of river. The fluent water was used to rotate the wheel which in turn circulated the water to the king’s palace. Unlike modern systems, the water was used as the coolant which lower the temperature to the great extend when it evaporates.


In the medieval period, the Europe has come up with the numbers of cooling systems. Written records describe the use of cylindrical shaped tall building which served as the giant machine to reduce the temperature of the air. Gradually, as the technical advancement began, the new systems were developed. However, the marks of modern AC system can be traced back to the time of famous experiment of rankling & Hadley. They found out that using the chemicals, like alcohol & ether, one can obtain very high level of cooling, greater than traditional coolant – water. This was followed by the series of experiment which ended up in the concept of vey new cooling device, which can be considered as the first AC.

After this, everybody knows how the development has laid the size of AC to fall sharply in the past years. Side by side, the efficient parts, like jaguar AC compressor, have made it more perfect for the commercial use. Now you will find AC in every second home, and this is all just of the comfort it gives in unbearable summers. So, without giving it a double thought, invest your precious bucks on purchasing Air Condition today.