Updated: February 23, 2017

For using IPTV we need set-of-box, it is used for streaming the media in your output devices. MAG is a set-of-box which provides excellent performance in streaming. This also has the feature that allows you to use mass storage devices through the inbuilt USB port. This article explains MAG 256 vs 254.

Basic comparisons:

            The below are the basic comparisons between MAG 254 and MAG 256 based on the specs.

  • The processor

            The MAG 254 uses STiH 207 while MAG 256 uses ARM Cortex A9 105 GHZ.

  • RAM

            The RAM used in the MAG 254 is 512 MB while MAG 256 uses 1 GB.

  • Operating system

            The OS used in the MAG 254 is Linux 2.6.23 while MAG 256 uses Linux 3.3.

  • Flash memory

            The MAG 254 uses the flash memory of 256 MB while MAG 256 uses 512 MB.

            As we can see from the comparisons, it is noted that the MAG 256 is the upgraded version of MAG 254.


MAG 254:

            This set-of-box has been in the market for quite a long time and always pleases the users with its amazing reliability. The installation process is quite simple, just plug it in and your services immediately starts. The interface of this set-of-box is very quick so switching channels is very easy and responsive. With the help of this set-of-box you can utilize the maximum number of features of the IPTV. This set-of-box has less RAM speed when compared to the MAG 256 but it is enough to do the basic function without any lack and also it can be used as a cable box. It has two USB ports through which the external devices can be connected and they play almost everything which includes 3D contents also. The only thing that bothers people in getting MAG 254 is the price.

MAG 256:

            The MAG 256 is the upgraded version of MAG 254. The important difference that separates these two set-of-boxes is their processing speeds. MAG 256 has higher speed when compared with MAG 254. The MAG 256 uses the H.256 to play the video files, by which the compression rate of the file is higher. This allows the user to store more amount of content and also the MAG 256 has USB 3 support which has faster read speed. Here browsing of folder becomes easy and quick.

Choice is yours:

            Both the set-of-boxes are designed for the purpose of streaming IPTV and both the set-of-boxes do wonderful jobs. It should be noted that MAG 256 is the upgraded version of MAG 254 so the overall experience with it will be a little better when it is compared with MAG 254. If the price of MAG 256 is affordable to you then choosing MAG 256 will be a better choice.


            It is very important that these set-of-boxes are handled with care. The streaming of both the set-of-boxes are same, only difference is that there are additional features in the MAG 256.